Question about legendary loot and number of players

I know that the more people on the team , the greater the chance to win a better loot .
What I would like to know is which of the two is the best way for better loot, Normal Mode party with 5 persons or Solo Advanced?

That hasn’t been proven but there’s some circumstantial evidence having more people slightly boosts the chances.

Best chance is a full team on advanced hardcore but your still going to have to get lucky.

Most efficient is normal hardcore. Either with a team or solo.

You still just need to get lucky. I know a few people who have done renegade over 200 times and never saw a legendary while I’ve done Sentinel a dozen times and got 4 legendarys. It’s all random chance in the end.

With the exception of Haliophage since the bosses don’t seem to drop legendarys only Rendain. The more bosses a mission has the better the chances.

Why algorithm and Sentinel are popular.

Everything looks that way. I’ve played missions solo for the majority of the game and my legendary drop rate sucked compared to other players. 100 solo runs on the renegade with a lot of hc and advanced hc yielded nothing. Two days ago then I started queuing for public normal and suddenly I get legendaries again, one every 3-4 missions even. Given that I’ve only done that for two days it’s not a good sample size, so I’ll continue to queue and monitor the drop rates. The main disadvantage is that missions take longer and you often won’t get the exact mission you need to run, but if you can settle for the next best option and a drop rate bonus that’s okay in my book.

My favourite is the Sentinel, 3 bosses, relatively short and easy. The algorithm has more bosses (Henchman, Geoff, Emperor, ISIC), but the first part of the mission (before Geoff) can be insanely hard. Almost at the first bridge, there are at least 2 guaranteed Ronin (can be more, I had seen five), right after that at the minion bots can spawn Rocketeer bots, Bulwark or Elite bot too. You drop down to Henchman’s room, and again, at least 3 Ronins guaranteed to spawn, but I had a run, where I had 4 ronins, 2 elite bots and Henchman alive at the same time (on solo…).

So, in short, if you need lot of loots, and can handle the first half of the Algorithm safely, then that mission gives you the most loot. If you are unsure, then go for Sentinel, far more easier (and don’t forget the hidden shard rooms/grand chests there)

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Hint you can jump on top of the spike platforms. (Or use a character that can jump/leap/teleport up on top)

I have a few missions im ok with in random que while other I will leave on.

Archive, Sentinel, Renegade, The experiment and Sabtuer ill do. Others I will leave on, especialy voids edge. I hate that that mission.

I did The Sentinel for the 50th time in a row and not a single drop of legendary gear. I go Normal 5 ppl, Normal Hardcore solo, Advanced 5 ppl, Advanced solo… the last 3 days I only played this mission, thats why I asked.
Before I got lv100 I got Legendary one after another, every couple of days I got one, now, like 2 weeks not a single drop that I remember, I’m lookin for one in The Sentinel and it’s becoming boring and unpleasant.