Question about Lenore's Lament

I just got the Lenore’s Lament legendary:

From a previous post, it appears that the lifesteal works against minions but not thralls in both PVE and PVP. Any additional confirmation would be appreciated. However, does the lifesteal work on both attacks and skills? If so, this seems like a very powerful item for Attikus. Any thoughts?

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I think Thralls count as jennerit. I’m pretty sure they work for kill jennerit enemies lore so that may be why it doesn’t work on em.

Seems like a fun legendary to try out. I haven’t found one yet though.


Yeah thralls count as jen

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Only on your attacks, not your skills. But that’s just from memory when I tested it on Caldarius.

oooh def want that for my ambra and deande :heart_eyes:. i take it it drops form Attikus’ ops?

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It’s a loot pack legendary, farm the op for commander packs to get it

It’s one of the two I really want to get!
I don’t use epic and legendary gears in pvp but I would certainly try these 2 out!

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Solar sustainer is bugged last I heard and I got it twice


If I remember correctly attacking big shards will also heal you if you are using Lenore’s Lament.

I tried lenore’s lament and
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With attikus and both life steal helix. It dosent worth it.

I didnt try it with rath, he could benefit more since he can spin 2 times dmging a full wave and mix it with his legendary and lvl 5.

Or he can just use his secondary and hit the full wave even easier.

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Do we know what the percentage is for his life steal if he takes the level 5 mutation on his attacks?

30%. Check his kit in the helix menu after taking SS and you’ll see it.


So 30% helix+ 8% lenore+ 10% lore + 40% beatrix?

Solar is extremely good on ambro

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Who is ambro?!

I want a skin of gender swap!! Now!

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Don’t forget the 25% increase to attack speed. Increase to DPS = Increase to life steal.

It would be fun to try out once the Beatrix hype dies down but until then it’s better to go for the DR. Even an 88% life steal is hindered by wounds.

Indeed, but you can jump and dodge :smiley: in the first lvl you can notice if enemy beatrix is good or bad and get the right helix.

Even then, it’s a very easy to land her wound and it can last the entire duration of Patient Zero so one missed dodge and your life steal is crippled. Plus the 30% DR is fantastic so I think the choice comes down to how many reliable wounds does the enemy team have and not if they are good or not. A team with ISIC, Ernest or Beatrix would make the life steal worthless in comparison.

Add the 15% melee damage amp to infected targets.

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