Question about level 1 challenge achievement

Ive been working really hard recently trying to platinum the Pre sequel as of late but ive run into a bit of a problem. I have done all level 1 challenges and have not gotten the achievement for it. ive done every challenge except for area specific ones. every category is level 2 and or higher and im not sure where ive gone wrong or what i have missed. can anyone help?

Are you confusing prestige and achievement?

Prestige is non area, I think the achievement is everything

You need to do 750 close range shotgun kills and 200 rocket launcher splash damage kills to unlock 2 challenges.

Done them both and still nothing. I was also under the impression area based challenges didnt count towards the achievement

Nevermind, the game had glitched the achievement so it wouldnt pop up. I got another achievement while playing (swagman 3) and it popped. Thanks everyone for their help :smiley: