Question about Lilith's chest

So, when you get to the end of the game, in Lilith’s room, there’s a special chest that usually spits out legendaries. (I’ve found a few whites - not even echo-2s, though I’ve had one of those there - and other items mixed in a couple of times).
Can these items ever be anointed?
I farmed the chest a few times, and nothing inside ever came out anointed. Thinking about it, it makes sense lore-wise, as there’s no way Troy or any anointed COV should have had access to those weapons, but it seems strange that the one place in the game that guarantees legendary loot is also the only place that guarantees that it’s not anointed.

Kann ich dir echt nicht sagen… Sind die gesalbten denn so erstrebenswert?
Gerade bei Legendären Gegenständen, glaube
Ich nicht…

Anointed legendary vs non-anointed legendary. There’s a big power difference.

Gesalbter Legendär gegen nicht gesalbter Legendär. Es gibt einen großen Leistungsunterschied.

Ich habe bis jetzt 180 Legendäre Gegenstände im Tresor (Safe) und glaube keiner davon ist gesalbt… Poste mal ein Foto (Screenshot)
Von so einem Gesalbten Legendären Gegenstand.

So far I have 180 legendary items in the safe (safe) and I believe none of them is anointed… Post a photo (screenshot)
From such an anointed legendary item.

I could have sworn I have gotten anointed from that chest but maybe not. I would find it really odd that they would exclude anointed items from spawning in that chest. Mayhem difficulty seems to have the biggest association with getting anointed gear. Are you on M4 and still not getting anointed from that chest?

For what it is worth I think it is odd that you are farming that chest. I assume to doing something with the file save? I would think it would be almost as quick to farm some boss that do that.

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Anointment adds 65% damage.

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I was trying on normal, not TVHM, so mayhem 0 (you unlock mayhem after opening the chest). Might be different on TVHM.
I started farming it by reloading the same save repeatedly, because I thought this was strange. Resulted in finding dozens of items, none of them anointed. And this was after the recent buff to anointed rates.

Now I am wondering at what level do anointed items start dropping. No clue. Higher Mayhem levels help with the drop so at 0 that is certainly going to be lower. I would assume that lower character level also impacts that but I don’t know that for a fact.

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Also die Infiniti super die hab ich in Bl2 schon toll gefunden, guter Fund! Ich Spiele Zane TVHM Solo und würde mich freuen die Infiniti auch zu finden. Viel Spaß noch bei BL3 :+1:

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My guess is you need to be in TVHM as you don’t really get anointed outside of earl before getting Mayhem or TVHM.


I was definitely finding anointed items elsewhere, at the same point in the game, so it seems odd. Not sure if I wasn’t supposed to find those, though. Hard to tell what caused the discrepancy.

I definitely get them in Mayhem 4 Normal (after finishing the story & doing things like the Takedown). I’ve taken two characters thru TVHM, a few others I’ve just stuck to Normal for now.

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I meant for liliths chest as you dont get access to mayhem until after you open it. So the only way to get anoints out of her chest is to be in tvhm playthrough

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What a shame the content of this thread didn’t live up to the title :rofl:


What the question about Lilith’s chest?

I imagine she’s a full C-cup chest. Depends on the era but that’s a good rule of thumb.


Wenn du dich beeilst kriegst du die heute noch sehr einfach.
Einfach in die Einöde, bei Markus Verkaufsautomat (sofern du die Quest mit Zusatz gemacht hast)
ins Loch hüpfen, Kiste öffnen.
Dann zu Ellies Garage, links neben der Garage aufs Auto und von dort aufs Vordach springen.
Kurz nach rechts,nochmal hüpfen und die 2. Kiste öffnen.
Das reicht eigentlich schon, denn insbesondere die 2 Kiste scheint sehr häufig Infinities zu beinhalten, so jedenfalls mein Eindruck der letzten Farmtage.
Wenn du noch mehr willst, vom Dach auf den Hof springen, links auf den Schrottplatz laufen und nach einigen Metern links den Hügel raufklettern, da gibt es noch einen Red Trunk Chest.
Meist kannst du zur 3. Kiste laufen, manchmal musst du zunindest am Anfang 2 oder 3 Gegner legen.
Auf Mayhem 4 sehr viel gesalbtes Zeug in sehr schneller Zeit.
Die Kisten haben keinen Timer, kannst also sofort das Spiel neu starten.



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Weiß zwar nicht ob es da war, habe sie (Infiniti) ergattert freu :+1::grin: Jetzt fehlen mir glaub ich noch 6 Rote Kisten in der kompletten Welt als nächstes ist Lectra Stadt bei mir dran.

Kinda read the title and was not expecting talk about loot.


LOL that was the first thing I thought when I saw the subject line of this thread. I don’t have many questions about Lilith’s chest, as it has always looked pretty good to me.

My question would be about Lilith’s plumber’s crack! :rofl:

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