Question about LODs and .SHIP Files

The long and short of it is I got a few friends homeworld 2 RM to play the gundam mod and a few others. The English Universal Century Gundam mod got taken off the Steam Workshop and I don’t want to make things complicated for them when they get their mods, so I was going to upload the mod from Moddb to steam and set it to share to friends only.

It took a bit, but the above now works, but one of the factions ships lods keep changing way sooner then I think they should (Zeon). The Motherships Engines straight up disappear if you get any distance away from the ship, and even more starts vanishing the more you go.

On the same note, the Lights along the hull of the ship light up only after you get a certain distance away from the ship and turn off when you get close…

ITs my extremely limited understanding that the following lines are to be edited, but I don’t know how as I am literally just getting into this today.

Sample below:

NewShipType.nlips = 0
NewShipType.nlipsRange = 75000
NewShipType.nlipsFar = 0
NewShipType.nlipsFarRange = 0
NewShipType.SMRepresentation = “Mesh”
NewShipType.meshRenderLimit = 32500
NewShipType.dotRenderLimit = 10
NewShipType.visibleInSecondary = 1
NewShipType.goblinsStartFade = 9000
NewShipType.goblinsOff = 9000
NewShipType.upLOD = 8500
NewShipType.upLOD = 12000
NewShipType.downLOD = 11000
NewShipType.downLOD = 16000
NewShipType.minimumZoomFactor = 0.5
NewShipType.selectionLimit = 150000
NewShipType.preciseSelectionLimit = 5000
NewShipType.preciseATILimit = 100000

Requesting guidance/assistance on what I should be looking to edit!

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This is the code you need to change:

NewShipType.upLOD = 8500
NewShipType.upLOD = 12000
NewShipType.downLOD = 11000
NewShipType.downLOD = 16000

Extract from karos graveyard here: Variable; Ship · HWRM/KarosGraveyard Wiki · GitHub

upLOD = : When the camera moves closer than this, increase the LOD. Not sure if it’s a Float or an Int. Can be defined multiple times for multiple levels of detail; most ships have three upLOD and downLOD lines.

downLOD = : Similar to above, but decreases the LOD when the camera moves farther than the specified distance.

EDIT: if performance is not an issue, just set all the values really high and you should be fine.

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Thanks, this resolved the issue! Much Appreciated!

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