Question about loot hunts

Dose anyone know if there will be another loot hunt in borderlands 2 if so will consoles be able to partake in them?

I don’t think so honestly. GBX is focused in Battleborn now.

Maybe some community-driven events (like the Kostasmere tournament) but nothing beyond that

Okay I have never participated in one now I’m regretting it a want to

One of the things on my personal wish list for future Borderlands titles is more “events” like this. Few things bring a community together like this, and I, for one, will probably look back on the Loot Hunt week as one of the funnest things I have ever done within an online community.

I imagine that the hardest part about putting something like this on is making money off it (as in: convincing the finance department that it’s worth the lousy return on investment), especially for events that aren’t designed to instigate excitement about a pending release (the Gear Up Weekend and Loot Hunt, for example, coincided with subsequent content releases). Executing one of these with no core business justification can be spectacular for players but awkward for board meetings.

It’s not like we can’t (and haven’t) put together our own takes on these events within the community though (raid boss competitions, no-death playthroughs, loot collection competitions, Kostasmere’s tournament, for example). These are fun, but there’s something way more exciting when the game itself is tweaked to accommodate these, like Vermivorous’ spawn rate and various loot table adjustments from prior events. If you’ve got a fun idea, make your own!

I missed the loot hunt as well and would love to see (at least) one more.