Question about Luck Cannon Grinder Recipe

The outcome of the grind is randomly determined within very general parameters. Some people get lucky, and others don’t. Mostly when people report using highly specific items to get eg a Luck Cannon, you’re seeing the result of confirmation bias. These special recipes (beyond “use legendaries”) are almost always not repeatable by others.


Which means I Just need to keep trying until I get one, with different ways.

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Basically, yes. If you’re already dashboarding/escaping when you don’t get what you want with the items you’re grinding, keep doing that. Or hit up the on-line play & trading section for your platform and see if there’s anyone been luckier than you and is willing to donate or trade.


are you grinding all 3 legendaries to get your desired result? if so, you can improve your chances by keeping the optoins to a specific “weapon class”. ex: pistols would be a weapon class. Shotguns is a weapon class, etc.

So given the above statement. I would recommend the following:

DLC Legendary + regular/vanilla legendary + purple pistol = a pistol of some kind. Luck Canon if your lucky. <- see what I did there, LMAO. you’ll always get a pistol as your result with this strategy, which will make your chances a bit greater(still RNG tho). :innocent:


I just got 2 Luck Cannon in my session last night grinding the “The Gift that Keeps on Giving” Trophy in NVHM. One is Bladed which might be perfect for Nisha since I’m thinking of a Hybrid Melee Build for her.

Or am just Lucky. Did also the Holodome to get the Achievement and I got a Cryo Bladed Taser as a reward. Perfect, just perfect.



I grinded a Cryophobia and an IVF with a purple and got a Thunderfire.

I would like to think this is relevant, as neither is a DLC Leg.

So a Luck Cannon ought to be Grind-able too, with only Vanilla Legs.

The only Legs I had at that point were from the Bosun.

So yeah.

The purple came from a vending machine at the rear of Concordia.

I normally farm the Sponx for an Omni Cannon and since I’m already in the neighborhood, I hit Self Loathing and Despair up for the Meganade and/or the Thunderfire. The drop rates seem decent enough to keep me coming back.

The Meganade won’t be of use grinding for Luck Cannons but it’s a good grenade mod.

I was never able to grind a Luck Cannon using the purple Jakobs pistol + legendary + DLC legendary recipe. All it ever gave me was Proletarian Revolutions. I wound up getting a Two Fer Luck Cannon from Eclipse/EOS on my first level 70 Nisha UVHM kill so I didn’t keep trying.

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That’s cool. Ironically, I’ve never received a Revolution thrugh the grinder. Ever! But I get Luck Cannons frequently.

I ground a Flayer, Dastardly Maggie and a Purple Dastardly revolver to get the Luck Cannon shown in IFotD thread. Previous attempts always netted me a Revolution.

@AceGoober What level Luck Cannon are you looking for? I’ll grind one for you and give it to you.

If you are level 70, i actually have a 2Fer Luck Cannon that I could give you right now. The only draw back for this weapon to me was the Tediore sights.

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Thanks for the offer but I’ve scored a Dastardly, Two Fer and a Trick Shot in the last two weeks. I’ll be investing badass points in Recoil Reduction and Gun Accuracy to offset any negatives for the Two Fer since it kicks like a horse.

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so does anyone know the recipe for it now? i’ve been using double vanilla legs + purple pistol, one vanilla leg one cv leg, and even 2 cv legs. Sorry if this is common knowledge or this was a dumb question, just getting into borderlands for the first time.

There is no specific recipe to get a specific item, just general combinations which roll the type and level of item class you are looking for. Within that, it’s all RNG as to whether you get a Luck Cannon or something else.