Question about mayhem 3 perks

So one thing i could not find around when looking for some info on this was are the things under mayhem changeable
Because the set up it gave me was kind of errr and was woundering if theres any way for them to get changed or are they set in stone so to speak?
one i did like tho i think it was called your a wizard 70% less normal damage and 70 % more ele damage but the other on the list at the bot with that one kind of really counteract it a lot.

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it changes from area to area but the same area will be the same unless you save and quit.

Ty ill have to jump around and look at it more i didnt think it changed like that.Ty for the info.

Just simply loging out or changing maps changes mathem buff/debuffs some are counterproductive and give the same buff and debuff at the same time. You need multiple weapons to deal with multiple situations. To guarentee you can maximize the chance of damage anytime. But sometime you get what you get. Simply relog at that time or change weapons.