Question about mayhem level being displayed on gear

Has there been any word on if that will apply or not to gear already in out inventory?
Second I gotta assume that will apply to grenades, class mods and shields once they start scaling right?

Yes, it will be on current gear.
Only grenades will scale with Mayhem, shields and probably COMs will stay the same.

Awesome thanks I was thinking it would be pretty annoying if all the event guns didn’t get tagged.

So, I have to refarm my grenades again?

Shield capacity will probably stay the same, but I sure hope that some of the other stats will scale, like spike damage, nova damage etc.

I’ve already written this before, so apologies to anyone who’s reading it for the second time, but the Red Card shield is a prime example of a shield that needs to scale. It’s an absolute joke at the moment: you do less damage by running and sliding into someone - and draining all of your own shields - than you do in 0.1 seconds with a single bullet of the OPQ.

After reading the recent news update though, I’m reasonably confident that they’ll scale these sorts of shield stats too.

which grenade reached MH10 LV? none( most of them), i got a 20k , i didn’t think it is MH10 level in term of comparable weapon DPS