Question About Mission Item Grog Nozzle

So I’ve been Ninjutsuing(this really is a word, talk about on topic/off topic) around with Zer0 lately and I realized yesterday my Grog Nozzle got rerolled and lost its Evisceration prefix. It is the mission item Grog Nozzle and I don’t think that I save/quit. I had just picked up all of the parts for the Bandit Technical for A Dam Fine Rescue in the Dust and when I got to the Bloodshot Stronghold I noticed my Grog’s melee damage was nerfed. I look at my inventory screen and noticed the reroll. Am I missing something here? It’s a pain in the Jack to save/quit enough times to get the bladed grog to spawn but well worth it if I am doing a long session with Melee Zer0 and I’ve never had this happen before. Figured this might be a relevant thread for this question but @VaultHunter101 can feel free to decided if it isn’t. Thanks y’all.

Split to it’s own thread.

I wouldn’t have thought the item would get “re-rolled” during a session - are you absolutely sure you didn’t save/quit/restart in there somewhere? Did you ever unequip it at all?

Depending on level and platform, you may want to hit the relevant trade section just in case someone has a spare from the old Loot Hunt event - it would save having to worry about it.


what platform? if xbox one, i could help.


I can help if PS4.


You must have save/quit at some point