Question about mordy's scavenger com and lilith's catalyst com

Do the Team find rare items boosts effect pearls,legendaries,legendary eridian weapons etc?

Ehhhhhhhh, kinda?

iirc it boosts the “Awesome level” of stuff by 2, which isn’t very much, but still technically increases chances of a rare gun.

With Mords Scavanger COM (again if I remember correctly) it affects skag piles and non human enemies excluding Craw.

While Lilith’s is different, I think it affects chests.

But I don’t recomend using either, Mords Ransack skill is great (can’t get Pearls though)

scavenger mod works great in combo with ransack. Go to a place with lots of skag piles (IE skag gully) and kill things in rapid succession for ransack and also hit every skag pile. You would be surprised what you can get. Oh and there are a few skag piles threw out the game that have a really good chance of dropping good loot; hit those up with that scavenger mod too. as for lillys mod… never noticed a difference while using it so I just use merc mods and professional mods instead for the dmg. Excuse poor grammar and punctuation. I’m replying at 0223 with no coffee.