Question about my legendary class mods

So I have too class mods and I need help deciding which is better for the rest of my playthrough. So I have the Slayer of terramorpheuous which has the following effects: +23% burn damage, +21% ignite chance, +8294 health and applies 4 points to each headshot, optics, fast hands, counter strike, iron hand


Legendary Hunter class mods which applies these effects:
+23% cool down rate, +22% critical damage, +14% reload speed and same skills but swaps optics for killing blow and gives +3 to each, and +10% health Regen for using deciption

What I play zer0 as:
Cunning and sniping skill trees with some points in the bloodshed. I have mark for death kunia combo and bore to mark them then increase bore damage.

So help please?

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Definitely the Legendary Hunter. While the skills boosted from both COMs are the same for the most part, the Legendary Hunter provides significantly better passives. Burn damage and chance is only for fire DOTs, and having more health isn’t the best thing for zero. The Legendary Hunter is better both offensively and defensively, through its boost to cool-down rate and critical hit bonus. The health returned each time ou go into deception provides way more survivability than the Slayer, which means you don’t have to depend on transfusions or Moxxi as much.


Even though it’s a level 27 item compared to a level 50?

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I’d go for the L. Hunter every day of the week, and twice on saturdays. The cooldown, crit and reload bonuses are far superior to what the SoT offers. Even if it’s a low level COM. The buffs you miss out on in each individual skill is negligible.


It’s hard to beat the Legendary Hunter, especially compared to a vanilla Slayer of Terramorphous COM. The question we should consider is this: how much weaker would the Legendary Hunter need to be before we decided to use that Slayer?

I’ll start with the bottom end of the spectrum and say that it’s not possible for the Legendary Hunter to be weaker, given the minimum levels at which they are both available?


And in UVHM, elemental damage is not as effective. Which makes it even less attractive.


I’d take the L. Hunter over the Slayer period. Even if the Hunter was level 27 and the slayer is OP 8. For me, the passives from the Slayer is insignificant compared to the passives on the Hunter even at such a difference in their levels.

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