Question about Nda

are some of the accounts without an Nda or is GhostRobo on Youtube just breaking the rules?

I just saw a video of Battleborn uploaded today and wondered, since grabbing the key meant you “signed” the nda.

Link for video:

Is this one of the streamers from yesterday!?

Yeah, breaking the NDA is a bit…

That I have no knowledge of. I am not able to try the game or have access to a decent computer before the end of this week, so I just hope I’m not too late to try it and give feedback.


Looking into this…


Maybe this youtuber got some special permission to upload a video, or he’s definitely breaking the NDA!

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Since we got a reply from a wonderful moderator saying this will be looked into, I think it’s fair to rest :smiley:


Considering he’s had it early along with a bunch of other people (who have uploading footage), safe to assume this part of the “build hype” machine.

edit: Yeah, so, if you watched more than 5 seconds of the video you’d have an answer.

Okay, he was invited by 2K. it’s legit. But no-one will be streaming during the CTT.


To upload bugs, should we use a different tool than youtube? or the beta program will have an embedded tool to report?

Do NOT upload to youtube. Or any other place. Nor take screen shots ect…

Gbx are providing a special forum here just for testers to report bugs and experiences.
Its not accessible yet, but should be by tomorrow.

yes, but the reports will be in text format description? because you said no youtube and no screenshots.

or will there be a tool inside the game’s program that will let you upload to the developers?

I dont believe there is any in-game tool, no.

Just a simple visit here to the CTT forum, and type out your experience. So yes, text based.

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Not to put words in anyone’s mouth, but I believe he’s asking if there will be some tool within Battleborn to provide screenshots, error reports, or videos in case they are requested from the Support/R&D team. These are useful tools in troubleshooting, but if there isn’t an official way to handle this I think we just have to be super diligent, and descriptive, in our defect reporting.

For what it’s worth I work in QA, and would be happy to share the template I use for defect reporting.

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Agree, even an online form that asks you for your system specs, your ID, your platform, your steamID, the map/mission you have…

would help a lot to ease the reporting.

he got invited. still waiting for my invitation

That’s down to 2K.

Yea, as stated above, at this point our main avenue of feedback will be the private Closed Technical Test forum, not the the main Battleborn forum. If anything changes in regards to the team’s preferred method of feedback consumption, we’ll let everyone know stat.