Question about Not the Face Mayhem modifier

I’ve generally been using Not the Face (crits do 75% less damage) as my Very Hard modifier ever since I started on M10 because I thought crits would still do more damage than body shots, just not as much more as they normally would. I even recall testing it back then before using the modifier. Lately though, it’s been seeming to me that crits are doing about as much as body shots (maybe even less?) when I tried some testing in Athenas. I looked around and couldn’t find an answer as to how this modifier actually works and was hoping somebody here knew. Do crits do slightly more than body shots with this modifier, about the same damage, or less?

Crits still do more damage than body shots, it’s just way less than normal.

I run this modifier too. But I still near insta-kill everything when I shoot it in the face. It basically doesn’t even affect me.

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IIRC crits will do half the damage of normal hit. Not the face crit is: normal hit * 2 * 0,25
Just shoot the dummy in Sanctuary and check.
I’m using it for my Brawl Amara, cause melee can’t crit.

Did the same. But melee amara is boring fast as it’s only work with facepuncher in M10 (mostly)

Brawl Amara as punching is the most fun build for me. I’m using Face Puncher only as a backup when in FFYL and no enemies around (and for some bosses of course).


When I first started M10, the testing dummy was how I tested Not the Face, but recently I heard that Mayhem modifiers don’t apply in Sanctuary, so I tested on Athenas and it was seeming like crits did less damage than body shots, which makes no sense to me. Why have a modifier in a shooter that discourages aiming?

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Mayhem scaling doesn’t work in Sanctuary. Modifiers should work.

The “why” question will never be answered. For me it’s just a really bad design, at least there should be some extra reward or something.

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Just did some more testing of Not the Face using a white Dahl assault rifle. In Sanctuary, crits still did more damage than body shots, but when I used that gun in The Droughts a head shot did half the damage of a body shot. Unbelievable.

Then maybe modifiers are set to off in Sanctuary as you said earlier.
That’s how the dmg formula works.

Incidentally, I think this explains why I had such a hard time with Locomobius in DLC 4, despite having a corrosive Lightshow with 100% STL cryo. Spent the fight unloading Lightshow bullets into the train’s crit spots, ran out of ammo and wondered how in the world it still had a quarter of its health left.

Using the Facepuncher and Not the Face, I insta-kill Graveward all the time. If I don’t land crits I barely do damage though. I literally have to hit his crit spot to do the extra damage.

Strange how the modifier makes it less than normal for you though. That’s not at all the case for me.

Yeah, I don’t know how to upload video here, but my testing was in The Droughts, playing as Zane on M10, using a white Dahl AR on semi-auto mode and without activating any action skills. I didn’t bother respeccing my skill points, but I didn’t really think that would affect the testing. Also made sure not to equip an amp shield just to make sure.

I think in Sanctuary, none of the mayhem modifiers/bonuses/etc are taken into effect

Face Puncher can’t crit, so unless you are using White Elephant, it doesn’t matter normal or crit hit.

I am using White Elephant and the crit explosions do WAY more damage to Graveward than body explosions. Like exponentially higher.

It would take me a good minute to kill Graveward with non crits. I insta-kill him with crits using WE.

Unless maybe WE is an exception to the crit modifier?

Either you’re mistakenly running Holy Crit or there’s some strange interaction between the Facepuncher, White Elephant and Mayhem scaling. Try some field testing with a regular gun; I think you’ll be as surprised as I was to find out that crits do half the damage of a body shot.

I am definitely 100% running Not The Face. I spent an hour rolling for it plus the other modifiers I wanted.

there havent been any exceptions to Not the Face discovered so far. it even penalizes “fake” crits like Hustler, fade-away, and the skill that makes FL4K’s pet hit a single melee crit. WE is strong in general though and Graveward’s weakpoints receive additional damage. For example iirc the hand is x2.5. So that may explain the feeling that there is not a damage loss against Gravey. But for normal guns against normal enemies, you would need Unforgiven level crit to prevent crits from becoming a damage loss with this modifier

I mean it’s not just Graveward that takes extra damage. I shoot any enemy in their crit spots and they take significantly more damage from WE than if I shot their foot or something.

And I’m feeling dumb now because that thought never occurred to me… :man_facepalming: :sweat_smile: