Question about offhand melee

So what exactly are offhand melee attacks and what are their benefits? Plenty of characters have them (phoebe, attikus etc.) but I’ve never quite understood when to use an offhand melee attack instead of the standard basic attack…

Depending on the hero the attack has a different use. Galilea has her off-hand shield toss (MMB) and rath has his off hand sword toss (right click). These have larger attack range than the standard auto attack and can be used to hit an enemy running away.

You’ve probably noticed others that don’t seem like this is true. Naturally with the ranged characters the off-hand is for close range, but more importantly for it’s push back effect. Characters like phoebe have a melee with a push back effect. So really as far as telling what every character’s does, you kinda have to use it and notice if it either pushes enemies back, has longer range, does something extra weird, ect.

Well there is the standard offhand melee attack everyone got that deal low amount of damage but has the capacity to knockback - a nice way to get those melee characters off your back/face.

A melee character will often ( always? ) have two attack tied to primary and secondary, attack which will have different special abilities depending entirely on the character. Kelvin have a ground pound that strikes the ground twice and damage everyone in AoE as well as pushing them back. Phoebe got True Strike, which is a directionnal dash followed by a heavy strike and can be further amped up by helix levels.

In general the offhand-melee has a push-back effect. You can use it in several occasions to cancel rival attacks, ultimates and skills.
I´m not very sure which cases there are, but I hear you can cancel Deandes and Raths Ult. with offhand melee, just as example.

Phoebe’s True Strikes are great for extending combos if you time them right and her Helix can add effects to them making them even stronger. Attikus’s charged hook (in my personal experience) is great for leading off the attack if Pounce is on cooldown. Rath’s has range so it’s great if your enemy is just out of reach.

Or are we talking about the quick melee which has a knock back effect?

Hehe, I was just starting to tell about her True Strike when I realised - this is indeed about offhand melee, not secondary attack. I mix those up all day ToT

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Well I was wondering whether the OP was precisely mixing up secondary and offhand attacks, seeing how he pointed Phoebe and Attikus who have special secondary melee attacks :stuck_out_tongue:

For Phoebe, as it gives a small dash and some helix works with it, It’s really good to use it. And you can just hold both click.

But on Attikus… it looks useless at the moment as it slow you when charging, takes some times to charge and doesn’t deal so much damage. It should maybe do something more like : more dmg on shield or when pushing a shocked enemy deal splash damage etc…

Orendi also looks a bit useless (or if you take the autolock helix)

Just did it 3 times on Deande’s Ult last game (poor Deande, her ult is already so hard to place and not really good, but you can simply cancel it with quick melee), but on Rath it just push him back but he is still in range to deal dmg so it’s pretty useless to push him (except with some character like Marquis, Miko, Whiskey etc… with a stronger and faster quick melee)

And some character does have a secial quick melee while running El Dragon (Side Kick), Melkka (Slide), Deande (work as double jump as high as benedict triple jump) and Attikus also have one special quick melee but looks like it does nothing special

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For Phoebe if you want to get good with her that attack is essential as you can upgrade it and it provides mobility and dodging.

From my experience, this attack has slightly more range. It’s also a great finisher, especially on fleeing enemies. (And especially with that helix choice. Homing death ahoy!)

You mean her seconday atack “True Strike” I guess? So far I saw no mutation/augmentation for her offhand melee though.

Thanks for your help guys! I probably should have been more specific. What I’m talking about is the melee characters secondary melee (I think I confused this with the “quick melee” available to all characters) which is bound to LT on Xbox and I assume RMB on PC.

Obviously there are some obvious ones like Deande’s ranged attack, for example. But more specifically, I’ve been playing a bit of El Dragon recently and as far as I can tell his “clap” attack is pretty useless until you get the helix to apply an air affect. Even then it’s only really good for killing minions.

I’d like to get into this in a bit more depth though. Is it ever advantageous to mix these secondary attacks in with your basic attack combo when fighting another player?

air should be aoe. My phone autocorrected…

Clap is crazy, and gives El Dragon some much needed range. That man terrifies me.

It varies on the character. Kevin has a stomp secondary that I tend to find it is most useful for hitting evasive enemies, since it is a small aoe and easier to land than his more damaging primary.

Attikus’ charged hook is mostly useless, but alright if you can sneak up behind something.

That’s what i thought he was talking about at first