Question about OP8 Gear

I just bought digistruct peak, and my friend powerleveled me to lvl 72, but I don’t have UVHM on that character. Can I use OP8 gear or do I have to get UVHM first?


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You have to have OP 8 unlocked, which requires you have UVHM unlocked before you can unlock the OP levels. So, yes, you can’t use it until you have OP 8 unlocked.


Alright thanks. I’m almost done with TVHM anyways, so it should be a breeze. :slight_smile:

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You can unlock the OP levels as soon as you get UVHM unlocked since you’re already level 72.

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This is probably the first time I see some one say the climb from 72 to OP8 is “a breeze”.


Only when followed by “in comparison with Krieg”!


I meant beating TVHM, not doing OP8.

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I knew what you meant, but Lammas takes things a bit…literal sometimes. :dukewhistle:

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Reading your replies back to back that seemed to me like what it was suggesting :smiley:

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