Question about OP8

As you all know I reset my UVHM once I had access to OP8. I wanted to ask, if I accept a quest at OP8, but then, say, feel like an easier time so lower my play to OP0, complete the quest, will the reward still be OP8 or will it be the level I am at the time?

Not that it’s really necessary to lower it, I just kind of wondered about this.

It’ll be whatever level you accepted the quest at usually. Except the OP levels screw with this :stuck_out_tongue: So if you accept a quest, you can get the reward at any OP level lower or equal to the one you accepted it at. So if you accept it at OP8, you can turn it in at OP4 for an OP4 reward, or at OP8 for an OP8 reward. But I think the reverse doesn’t apply, so if you accept at OP1 I don’t think you can get an OP2 or above reward by switching.

So in conclusion, make sure to accept it at OP8, then you can play the mission at whatever level you want, and then switch back to OP8 before turning it in.


So take it at OP8, and even if I do all the leg work at 72 (OP0), as long as I remember to switch to OP8 before handing it in, the reward will be OP8?

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Correct :slight_smile: Have fun!

That’s awesome. Means I can maybe farm lower op level sandhawks and pimpernels for my other guys :slight_smile: