Question about Playing Dirty

I have a class mod with +5 in PD and was wondering does it even benefit me to have more than 5 points since at 100% chance you’re guaranteed the extra shot.

Is it a seein dead? Ive been searching for a +5 other than donnybrook for weeks! Im not sure but if its over 100% i think there is a chance for an extra, extra projectile.

No, its a Trecherous Executor. It’s lvl 53, i was holding on to it becuz it’s the only time I’ve gotten a +5 but due to how i believe thw skill works i doubt having more than 5 has any benefit. It has sniper rifle dmg, atlas weapon crt dmg and vladof accuracy. I’ll likely never use it as i want to make a pistol build.

+5s are always exciting! If you ever get rid of it i could give it a home😉. Xb GT whatevercb

You can have it, I’ve recently farmed and got a few mods that I’ll likely play around with, sometime today I’ll send it to you.

Thanks! Any point in me asking if you are looking for gear? Lol. Level increase in a few hours!!:rofl:

It’s sent. As for gear I’m alright I’ve been farming for a worthwhile kings call but I’ll likely jus lvl up as fast as i can and enjoy the new dlc and ita offerings. Thanks though, hope u find use for it :+1:

To have 100% PD I think you need 7 points to get to 105. So a class mod with 3+ will work.

Ok, i didnt know that…thank you

There is no reason to have above 100%. You cannot get “extra” activations of PD. If its an Executor you want as close to 100% as possible, but if its a Seein Dead, I find around 60% ish to be optimal for having it up as much as possible on single pellet guns.