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Hi folks,

I been playing Zane for about three weeks on and off (i’m level 17)…but there’s a few things i can’t seem to figure out and was hoping for some help/tips here.

-I have most of my skill points invested in hitman skill tree. when i use the skill allot of the times the drone just hovers over/near me without attacking an enemy…so most of the times the skill is useless. Is there something you need to do or lock on to an enemy when using the hitman/drone skill…this may sound stupid but does pointing to an enemy make a difference when using the skill?

  • Ive seen that it is possible for zane to activate two skill tree (you lose the grenate option). does double skill use need to be unlocked when hitting a certain skill level? I’m level 17 but i do not have the possibility to use a second skill three…say undercover.

  • Can you guys direct me to a good Zane build for solo play (i do not play online since i do not have a PS network account) I know there’s lots of builds on the web but it’s kind of hard going trough all of them…some suggestions would be cool.

All help is appreciated, thanks in advance.

You can use both skill trees at any time with any build. You do not have to have skill points in a skill tree to use that skill.

The only thing that changes as you go down the skill tree is your augment selection which may or may not be important to your build.

When you are using SNTNL you can hit your action skill button to have it target an enemy. It does not have to be the same enemy you are fighting, just whichever one you are looking at. You can use the SNTNL to soften up enemies, provide extra dps, lower shields, debuff enemies, etc.

How do i activate the second skill tree? for some reason it won’t unlock.

tips on a good solo mode build for Zane?

When you go to select your Action Skills, AFTER selecting the first skill, there will be an onscreen prompt to select the other one. It’s just like selecting Augment slots.

You can do that any time. Also, just because you are using the word skill tree here… You are aware that you can invest into any skill tree at any time and that those skills will be active, even if you have a different action skill selected (outside of skills that explicitly affect that action skill, of course). After picking your first action skill you can select a second one, after hovering over it in the skill menu you’ll get the option to assign it as action skill 1 or action skill 2 (which will replace your default grenade throw).

Usually, the Drone will just seek out targets on its own, but you can also hit your action skill button again whilst aiming at an enemy to assign them as a target (keep in mind that this will also trigger the allmighty ordnance augment if you have it equipped). It should be noted that the SNTL has a limited engagement range, so if you find that it doesn’t attack anything you might be at the wrong range for the ability (have you found yourself doing long range sniping by any chance? That would explain it).

As far as leveling up and playing through the story is concerned, basically anything goes. Once you start doing Mayhem you might find that you have to re-assign some skills. I personally would recommend running Doubled Agent for solo play because having another target for the enemies to shoot at can really help keep you alive (also, Old-U can come in handy and double barrel can be stupidly fun if you have the right weapons). But again, for the time being almost anything works.

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