Question about Power Leveling

Before I joined these forums, I had a guy instant level (instantish) a mechromancer because I lost my 72 one from 360. It felt cheap and I deleted her shortly after, vowing to get her there legitimately if I wanted to use her in future, however I had a question about the method the person used to power me.

He didn’t use the bar room, he didn’t use the Marcus mission thing. He did however just hand in a lot of quests in Sanctuary, we never left Sanctuary and within 5 minutes a level 1 never used was level 72. The question I had is, was this legit, or was it more likely it was modded in some way?

If the former, how could I set it up to help people? If the latter, then that’s fine, I just wanted to know.

Most likely the guy had the save file for that specific character in Read-only mode, and was therefore able to do this repeatedly. If he actually did all these missions and just left them open, or if he set it up with third party software, is a different question.

I’m on Xbox One, so it won’t be the read-only thing. I was just curious really :slight_smile:

In that case, I’m going with modded save file, and we should probably just leave it at that. Such things are best avoided on console.

Understood. I thought that may have been the case. Thanks.

[quote=“Vinterbris, post:1, topic:1559965”]It felt cheap[/quote]It shouldn’t - you already paid the price and had leveled her there legitimately before. She probably feels like a different character (as opposed to a replacement), because you don’t have the same skins and gear (and for a brief moment, build). If you had restored her from a backup file, this would be the only difference (other than the hour count for that character), no?

While I agree with the logic of everything you said, it still felt bad for some reason. I don’t know why, honestly. Just kinda how it felt.


I know how you feel. I’ve had multiple offers to power level my second or third characters, and I still can’t bring myself to do that. I have to earn it, dammit!


as others have stated, Not by a long shot


Can’t, as far as I know, the Xbox 1 makes it very hard if not impossible to do

The only Legit ways
Borderlands 2
The Warrior
(2 ways here, 1. Kill the warrior over and over or 2. Deathtrap, properly set up will kill the rraks forever)
kill repeattably by save & quit or just passing in and out of the way you entered his area
BarRoom Brawl (my Favorite)
activate the Bar Brawl over and over
Ancient Dragons
Save and Quit strategy is best

The Pre-Sequel
“The Capture a Guardian” Mission
as long as a Guardian is killed and not Captured they will spawn forever,
only drawback is this is an End Game mission, but can be used to Self Power Level or Power Level others

I’ve Heard that the first Mission (UVHM) can also be used to self Power Level/ Power level but have never tried this

The sequence from initial spawn to arriving safely on Elpis does give pretty good XP. It’s basically designed to get your action skill unlocked as soon as possible. So playing through until you’ve met up with Janey and then resetting will get you levels quite quickly. You can play through the side quests first if you want to, but I haven’t looked at it from a time spent versus levels gained point of view. I’m sure someone has though!

I just never got into TPS. Just felt like a big cash grab to me.

I’ve heard just till you rescue Jack and turn that very first mission in, supposedly gives a large XP Boost

Yes, But with the Handsome Collection you get both games with everything included without paying extra

I know that. But to me, THC is Borderlands 2 made shinier. I’ll play TPS eventually, no doubt, but it didn’t influence the purchase. I’d have bought it if it was only BL2 remastered, and would have avoided it if it was only TPS remastered.

If you didn’t have either game already, Handsome Collection has always been an absolute steal. Getting it at half-price a while back was too good to pass up. (Especially compared to either FO4 with season pass or Battleborn Deluxe, both with inflated CDN pricing)

Let me be clear, i’m in no way suggesting THC isn’t great value, even if you pay full price, for the amount of hours you can get out of both games. Fantastic package where they actually remastered it, as opposed to just repackaging cough Ubisoft Ezio Collection cough

On the contrary, I think TPS is technically a better game than BL2. If you look at the periodic “What should Gearbox do in BL3” threads, they all boil down to combining the gameplay improvements of TPS with the amount of content (particularly endgame) of BL2. It’s not always clear that the people posting in those threads realize that’s what they’re saying, but that’s the TL;DR of them. :smiley:

There’s no such thing as self-power-leveling; what you’re describing is level grinding. The term power leveling refers specifically to the group case where one or more higher level characters do stuff such that the lower level character quickly gains xp without “earning” it (hiding in a corner in Pete’s Bar seems like a good BL2 example).

Coming from the MMO environment, I have found it interesting that power leveling is considered acceptable in this game. Doesn’t matter to me since I play single-player, of course. :slight_smile:


Not sure I’d say it’s blanket acceptance. Many of the regulars here discourage new players from power levelling straight off the bat because it means you don’t really get to learn the intricacies of your character.

The game also makes you play through all three modes to get to max level and end game anyway (unless you want to be in the position of only being able to play end-game in someone else’s game!), So at some point you do have to actually replay the entire main story over, regardless of character level. And then there’s the case of those who are replacing a lost character or simply adding another for a different end-game build or to function as a mule.

TL;DR - I like that there are choices, but the game still makes you go through the story three times!

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I have people ask me to power level them all the time and 1) no, play the damn game and 2) I don’t even know how to do it. What is it that these people are actually asking me to do when they say “power level me”?

They want to join you in some high level mode, sit back, and watch the XP roll in while you do the work (usually bar room brawl or something.). I can sort of understand it in the case where someone has lost (or was unable to transfer) a character and just want to get back to where they were - stuff happens, and it hurts to see all that work go down the tube. But others just want a short-cut to end-game without learning their character or mechanics.

seeking help leveling to 72 or op8. My ps3 corrupted in my last move and i had to restart everything. Its been quite a grind getting to 63 but all my guns are under level 60 and no one is hardly online in the game anymore (or they are on ps4 from the rerelease).

also looking for guns/gear after leveling.
im level 63 commando with torgue,tina,hammerlock,oasis, and digistruct peak dlc.

also have presequel with 60+ level athena and claptrap dlc.

add me on ps3. i dont currently have a good microphone.

psn: number1rusher

would really like a level 72 or op8 infinity gun too. Ammo/money really are an issue in UVHM :frowning:

i also have level 50 rares i can trade to lower level players who have high level guns in their vault they can’t use