Question about projectiles

Can projectiles be made to never die on their own? (Or not until they leave the map?)

For instance cannons. They should be able to “accidentally” destroy anything, IMO.

Unlimited range. True to life. In space there is nothing called friction. Projectiles should travel until they hit something.

Are you saying this is how they work in the game?

No. I was just commenting :wink:
You’re post above is interesting. I’m sure this can be done with bullet range. Not sure what the ramifications are though. The game might not like it.

Maybe if the game were turn-based (slow) it could work…

It would be interesting to try and see how the game performs. Not sure if it would be a good idea for beam weapons though… but it should work for them also…
With the RNG targeting system it might not work the way it should.

So, with the RNG problem, just give the weapon perfect accuracy and let the velocity determine the effectiveness.

@Mikali Are you trying to allow projectiles to continue travel in a direction for vast distances, or are you trying to make projectiles that continue even after hitting unintended/smaller targets?

I am just daydreaming. But I meant the former.

From a gameplay perspective I can’t imagine this being very fun, unless maybe the game were really slow and you could see tracers.

Realistic physics is often tedious and unintuitive.