Question about PSVR version - Infinity Pistol

So, in the original game there was a bug which made the infinity pistol a vanishingly rare drop from Doc Mercy in TVHM and UVHM, but a common drop in PT1. This was later patched out. I’m currently playing (and loving my time in VR-Pandora!) through my UVHM playthrough in PSVR, and I’m getting near the point where it is time to consider taking on the Seraph Gaurdians - Pyro Pete first on the list of course!

From my flat BL2 playing days having an infinity pistol (and a couple of elemental variants for preference) was very handy for Pyro Pete, just because he was such a bullet sponge and ammo is tight in that fight. So I’ve started trying to farm Doc Mercy to get an infinity pistol, but no luck so far after about 4 hrs. Then I remember one dropped from him in my PT1 on my one and only time fighting him, and I’m thinking the BL2 PSVR is a version before or without that fix!

I could of course just have been very lucky at the start and now very unlucky, such are the RNG gods. Has anyone else had trouble farming an infinity pistol on the PSVR version?


PS The PSVR version of BL2 is a joy, and I’d recommend it to anyone. It is just a shame there isn’t the information about its peculiarities in wikis, subreddits and fandoms - it is as if it doesn’t exist. I wish it was more popular!