Question about relic image

I see all the time in vids and sometimes when people share relic images that the icon for them look very interesting and none of mine ever look like that and I’m wondering if there is something people do to make their relics look a certain way. For instance the image below. I have the same relic multiple infact and they di not look even remotely the same. Same stats but it’s weird how I dont have any relics that have that + looking symbol.


Have they been rotating/panning them in this view? (Like if you grab it with your mouse and drag around, you can inspect it in 3D). If you’re on a console, I don’t know how to manipulate it, but that might make them look different at first glance.

Also: I haven’t really looked at this relic yet… looks fun! I may be off to the Ambermire this evening.

I am wondering the same thing. Mine are always missing those particle effects. Playing on ps4


Post your screenshot for reference. I’m on PS4 and all my artifacts are with this effect.

Not at home atm

So while inspecting the relic, I geht the effects, only the thumbnails won’t show them.
Here is what it looks like

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That could be part of the optimization to speed up inventory loading and display - lower detail in the thumbnail images since there’s no benefit (but some cost) in processing more detail below a certain display size.

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Yeah my relics look the same way without the hologram aura thing on original xbone.

I’m on Ps4 Slim and the effects only show while actively inspecting. I assumed that the videos I saw of other peoples inventory, where the effects are shown, were clips from PC or Ps4 Pro.

That’s how it looks on every platform, even high-end PC. As VH101 said, it’s performance gimmick, it was always like that in the series.

lol it is pretty confusing when I first noticed that I thought it was a different type of relic.On ps 4 I play with the performance settings since resolution is laggy as heck, I guess that is why it does not show the fancy form

No it def looks special for some people like in alot of build viss I see people have their relics with the effects and everything

Link it, cause I think I never saw that.

Are we talking about the thumbnails in the loadout screen, or the relic inspection screen? I’ve never seen the relics animated in the loadout screen (an example here). In the inspection screen? Animated AF.

The icon in load out. What u have specifically is a look I never get on any of my relics

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really hope they did it the way that bl2 does it , right now its still pretty laggy on ps4

The Op’s image is definitely from the inspect screen. On Xbone to see it when you highlight the relic in the inventory menu simply click in the right analog stick to inspect your relic in the same way as the Op image. It is also how you are able to change weapon skins.

Typically on your screenshot it is how the relic icons look for me and some others they are not like that ( no blue thingy cross around). My guess is it the performance setting of ps4

Ok, now I see the difference. Yeah, on consoles only the core of artifact is displayed in the inventory. So I guess it looks like that only on PC as posted by Adabiviak.
At least we can see fully animated artifact on the wall in Sanctuary III.

If you inspect the relic, it’s animated though, right? It’s just these static thumbnails that are different?

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