Question about save transfer

So I have a save from BL2 on ps3, if I bring that save to the ps4 BL2 HJC will my badass rank transfer over to the pre sequel on ps4.

Kind of sucky going from 18k badass rank to none.

Wow, everyone’s so helpful around here!

Well you asking about BL2/HJC on the BLTPS forum so there is that… you might have better luck on the HJC forum.

I don’t know … I don’t have a new gen console (actually switched from console to PC about a year ago) … but I have seen articles around that state the BA transfer is a known issue an they are working on it … I do not know if it is still an issue or what.

I didn’t notice but I did have all my badass tokens to spend when I started with my transferred character so I would think so.

I’m Sorry read your question wrong. I only was moving a character from TPS on PS3 to PS4.