Question about shock damage multiplier against shielded targets

I have been using shock for shield stripping since BL1 but have never mained shock weapons until playing CS Athena… so since I generally use all shock weapons I got to wondering how shock damage actually works. Say the enemy is flesh that I am shooting and has a shield that is 10k and his health is 10k, I shoot him with my shock weapon and get the huge damage bonus against said shield but if that shot does enough damage to strip his shield and eat into his health does the shock multiplier then carry over for that one shot or does the game account for that overage and shock damage reverts to its normal 1x against flesh? I hope that I have made my question clear enough and if not I will be glad to (at least try) to clarify. I know that if you strip an enemies shield altogether that you are not going to continue doing 3.75x damage to him after his shield is gone just because he used to have a shield lol…I would test this myself I just cant think of a good way to do it.

You should try asking here

These fine people should have the knowledge necessary to give you a satisfying answer.

I don’t know.
I have heard people claim both but have never seen proof of either.

I’m inclined to think that it doesn’t carry over because I have tried to use it to my advantage by sniping with a Shock Snider but I got disappointing (as in: normal) result.

Since a fire Snider can usually one-shot an unshielded bandit, a shock one should have no problem killing a shielded bandit if that were true since the multiplier from shock on shields is twice as big as fire on flesh and shields are smaller than health. But it’s not the case.

I don’t claim to have proof though, those are just my observations.

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  • No BAR
  • No skills
  • Shield of Ages (for protection)
  • Shock Droog below

My friend with near infinite shield capacity

  • Shock damage on pure shields 306k

  • Shock damage on pure flesh 122k

Shock damage on a shield that can break, along with a dip into the health 186k

TL;DR the shock multiplier does not carry on into the health that was subsequently damaged by that same shot.

And as a bonus heart break to the OP the shock on shield multiplier is 2.5x. It is suppose to be 2.75x, but this has been broken for a while.


Oops yeah I meant 2.75 and yes I am definitely in pain over these results :frowning: Once again thanks for the great replies. Hitting on what Chuck said about one shotting a shielded flesh target with fire but not being able to with the equivalent shock weapon, the damage inflicted with the fire weapon must first do enough damage against the shield at its normal reduced multiplier to get to the enemies flesh and then after that the rest of the damage gets the normal fire bonus correct?

I’d assume yes based on my results with the shock damage. But it is an easy test is you want to make sure on your own.

I said an UNshielded target

Yes indeed you did, silly me.