Question about shooting guns

I am trying to find a word that describes how shooting gun feels?
Gun feedback? In Korea, there is a word often used in Fighting games to describe such thing.
It’s usually called “Strike feeling” or something like that.
What do we use in English? It’s driving me crazy lol

Heft? Weight? Feel?

Actually, if you’re looking for a catch-all term, I’d say handling.

The word you might be looking for is “oomph” it is a rather informal term but it may be used to name this satisfying feeling when you shoot something in an impactful manner for whatever actual reasons (be it damage, fire rate, shooting sounds, the fact that you target is pushed back on impact, teared to shreds… you name it…)

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Recoil would likely be what you are looking for.


Agree with @vCarpeDiemv Recoil is the term for gun feedback

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I can’t think of an equivalent all-in term in English. That being said, Dahl ARs like Breath of the Dying and Warlord have the most satisfying Strike Feeling in BL3 imo.

Weight? Heft?

Recoil is specifically how far the gun lurches off center when fired (which includes how far and how fast it zings off center, as well as how quickly it returns to center, all of which (in BL3 anyway) appear to fall under the “handling” description).

Oomph is a term that’s used ( English onomatopoeia for the sound made by someone shooting a weapon with a lot of kickback as it knocks the air out of their lungs when not prepared).

If you’re talking about the overall way the gun feels, including the sound, “oomph” generally gets the point across. The Hail, for example, feels very soft because the sound makes it feel like a toy and the Dahl gimmick keeps the recoil low. The Redline feels stronger because the sound is way more aggressive, and there’s some recoil.

There might not be a single word for this phenomenon in English that works.

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wow. thanks for the help guys. I think oomph might actually be the term i’m looking for! Thank you.

Oomph works.

Yeah, but the term for said kickback is recoil. If a gun has more kick than you are comfortable with you might buy a recoil pad for the butt of the stock to reduce felt recoil. Kick/kickback is the closest synonym with recoil.

I would compare oomph as simply the amount of energy release when the weapon fires. Which in turn will be directly related to the amount of recoil.

In BL3 terms, accuracy would be how close your hash lines are when aiming from the hip. If a weapon has a lot of recoil it will push your aim up more than a lower recoil weapon. If you ever used many weapons with a Terror build you should be very familiar with recoil. Dahl weapons are infamous for having very low recoil whereas Jakob’s weapons are known for having more recoil.

You got the right answer accidentally already.
In games, this is simply called “gun feel”. Gun feel and “Hit feedback” are the two key things that make the action feel cool.
“Recoil”, “oomph”, sound effects, visual effects, muzzle flash, screenshake - these are all a part of gun feel.
Impact effects, sounds, debris, blood, screams, flinching, ragdolls are a part of hit feedback, which is just as important.