Question about skill augment scaling

While action skill damage scales with Mayhem levels, why don’t skill augments?

I just noticed this while testing Zane’s Binary System nova in Sanctuary. If this is the case, then it’s disappointing since it renders the damaging skill augments useless in higher Mayhem.

Mayhem scaling is disabled in Sanctuary. You need to test in field.

Yeah, I was hoping this was it. I’m an idiot for not confirming. Thanks!

I believe anything that has a level scaling- things like Boomsday, Best Served Cold, etc have Mayhem Scaling. Along with some things like the Rad Aura augment on gamma burst.
The only thing that doesnt get Mayhem Scaling thats related to AS is Fade Away i think

Fade Away is % based though so it’s inherently scaling by design.

Well, Fadeaway doesn’t actually deal damage tho. It just adds a modifier on top of your normal damage, so of course it doesn’t scale (which does raise the question why things like Skag Den and TTB do scale, tho).

Wait, really? Where’s the patch notes for that? That’s weird if so.

Unrelated question, but I might as well ask, does Brain Freeze cause CCC to proc on bosses for Zane? I can’t seem to find a recent source that says so, and I have tried and it doesn’t seem to work.

At least it used to at some point and I haven’t seen any change regarding it in any patchnotes. On the other hand, hardly anyone uses CCC builds anymore since Seein’ Dead + Good Misfortune is just better and more reliable.