Question about Slag damage relics

Do Slag damage relics increase damage done with Slag Guns?

Or does the damage you do with other Guns increase after slagging?

If I remember correctly, it increases the damage done with guns that have slag, not the damage done after slagging enemies.

Well that’s pointless lol, way to screw us more on uvhm gearbox😛

Well the alternative would be those would be the only relics anyone would ever use.


Not really. It acts like any other elemental relic in that it increases the damage of said element. Slag on slag damage is already 200% in UVHM, what more do you want? :stuck_out_tongue: Besides, in UVHM you should be using something better like an Ancient relic or a unique one like the Deputy’s badge.

agree, except I like the Sheriff’s Badge for use in UVHM :wink:

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Which is also a unique relic. :stuck_out_tongue:

If the Ancient relics were a hard farm I wouldn’t suggest them. But there so easy to farm I kind of have to the bone is just so good, but the others aren’t bad either,

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Open Doctors Orders quest, Travel to Wildlife Exploit Reserve, farm midgets 'till you drop :stuck_out_tongue:

But NEVER collect the samples or complete the quest.

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Well you can collect some of the samples, just not the one hiding in the cardboard boxes with the red hyperion chest about half-way into the area.

Another alternative Loot Midget farm I use is pick up Rocko’s Modern Strife (or the one immediately after it, but don’t turn the quests in,) go to Thousand Cuts, and then you’ll be able to open containers without being hassled by any Slabs.

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Oh wow I just thought Slag was only effective as a tool to cause more damage with other guns didn’t know you were able to cause more damage with Slag after slagging

Once an enemy is slagged, it will allow you to deal more damage from all weapon sources. So your slag weapons will deal more damage to slagged enemies.

I… also did not know this. Embarrassing.

Slag weapons also have the deficiency of not being the optimal choice vs any particular enemy type.

It is still optimal to use corrosive vs an armored enemy, shock vs shields, and fire vs flesh. Especially after an enemy is slagged.

A slagged enemy multiplies the end result… but nothing I know of is weak to slag, specifically.


So If I were to use something like a Slag Kitten or Slag Slowhand

with a Slag Damage Relic

What percent Damage Increase Slag on Slag given the Slag Relic of say 39%?? 239%??

Would that increase be enough to make a Moxxie more viable as a damage producer? well as the health rebuild.

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I think it’s additive like the other relics, John, so it’d be x 200% + 39% or maybe + 239%? I don’t remember what the damage formula is off-hand, but it works like explosive and elemental Bone relics.

Aren’t some resistant like raids and already Slagged enemies? Actually most bosses.

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Idk if it does but a green barking Corinthian was killing chumps in 1 shot, badasses in 2-3. When cloud kill activated was getting like 262 dot per tick. I did not have this much fun with Krieg in uvhm

Yes and in fact some raids are not able to be slagged at all. Tinderflake, for example.

Interesting question, John. This is where I make a case for the Flourentine. IIRC, the main damage that the Flourentine produces is slag with slag splash, with shock as the secondary damage.

Say I want to use a Flourentine on Axton with a support-based build:

Flourentine, Slag BotA, Tesla or Quasar, Legendary Engineer or Legendary Soldier, Gemini and Double Up…

Throw out lots of grenades, constant turret action, and the Flourentine is a good debuff and isn’t too bad at killing stuff either.

Try it in a circle of slaughter or in Digi Peak. One slag/support Soldier can make all the difference.