Question about smg's for Moze

Will the Westergun be a good substitute for a Kyb’s? I won’t be able to get a Kyb’s so looking for an smg that will be semi close. Or maybe a different one all together.

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hey man,
if you are hurtint 4 a kybs worth and are on ps4 add me ill hook u up. sparkzypoo is my psn

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Thanks but on xbox. Dang it!!

Westergun plays very similarly to a Kyb’s, it just lacks in the damage department when compared to the Kyb’s. If I where looking for a Kyb’s substitute I’d take the best roll from my Westerguns, Boomers and Trevonators. I know the Trevonator isn’t an SMG, but it fills a similar roll for most Moze builds and is more damaging than the Westergun.

You may find the nebula (purple) isnt far off damage wise, though theres pistol options as either the blaster or devourer (blue)- all maliwan w/ splash

I have a spare radiation/corrosive kybs you can have @YIPIKIYA, but yeah the Westergun is a good alternative to the kybs

That would be great! Didn’t feel like pushing for one on the trade section since these things are tough to come by. You hunting anything for it?

Not really, what’s your GT ? I’ll mail it over

yipikiya, thank you very much!



Binary (x2) Westergun wrecks with Moze’s splash buffs. I wouldn’t hesitate to get one in every flavor.


And it’s one of the easiest farms in the game which is great

Sol reason i brought it up originally. Easiest chance for a specific roll. Guess i don’t have to now :wink:.

You’ll probably at least want a fire one for Moze since she gets the 30% stoke the embers buff.

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Good to know. Might try to farm one now but wait for the scaling to happen.

Question, why is a cryo recurring hex popular with her?

hmm not sure. I know some people run cryo Mozes with Ice Breaker Deathless artifacts (I used to run that on mayhem 3 before the butcher was nerfed to hell). Maybe that’s why.

Moze used to be INSANE with the hex grenade

Yeah i missed that. Started an Amara but now i’ve fallen for Moze, she’s loads of fun! I’ve just seen so many builds with them using that grenade. No big deal.

Cryo has some benefits in slowing down armored targets, which is one of the types that Moze is usually weak against. The sheer range of it can chill entire packs and give some breathing room.

I personally run with a Shock Hex with my current build because my incendiary ION Laser and Green Monster COM take care of the other two health types easily.