Question about some skills

Does the anima skill stack with infusion, tempest and forceful expression skills?

Yes it does

I don’t think it does.

I’ll run a test later today

Stack in what way? Do you mean if it increases DOT damage and duration on DOTs caused by Infusion and Foreceful Expression? Yes, it does but those DOTs aren’t all that strong to begin with so it won’t make much of a difference.
Tempest makes every element more potent, not matter the source.

I tested it, it does.

EDIT: Wait I tested the wrong skill.

yeah I been playing with it for a bit and it looks like they all buff the damage from infusion, on a non elemental gun this can really tack on the damage. so that is 40% extra damage to your weapons witch gets further buffed by 20% from anima and then another 30-50% from tempest (50 if using shock) then another 18% from forceful expression. thats alot of damage!

It only adds damage when using a non elemental. When using the element the DOT from infusion is super weak, even with the buffs.

no infusion does buff elemental weapons (tested with a fire SMG with default shock power damage set) and it did deal extra damage equal to 40% of the weapons damage as shock

also its good to note when using infusion if you match to your guns element it will not show up as a separate number and just get added into the weapons damage as a 40% buff

It doesn’t deal extra damage, it just converts damage. Depending on an enemy’s defense this is either beneficial or detrimantal. If you’re shooting a shielded enemy with a fire gun Infusion attuned to shock will obviously remove the shield faster. But if you shoot an enemy with just a health bar (the majority of enemies in the game) with the same setup you’ll do less damage because you remove and convert parts of that fire damage to shock.

Yeah, it does nothing, you’ll do the same amount as without Infusion. But the weaker DOT that comes from Infusions conversion will overwrite the stronger base DOT of your gun.

That isn’t how Infusion works It does not do extra damage, it converts the damage. If you are matching the element the damage won’t change. Fire gun with fire Infusion will do the same bullet damage as just the Fire gun with no infusion. Infusion will however override the DOT and create a weaker dot than the gun. Depending on the gun this either won’t matter or will matter a little.

If you are using a different element the numbers adding up will be less than if you just match the element with no infusion. This is all really easy to test.

Infusion is however very good for a Jacobs non elemental build.

I just tested it and it DOES work for elemental weapons, my numbers were kind of inconsistent because I am level 17 using a white mailwan (shock/fire) pistol on level 1-3 fanatics and in the fire mode it dealt extra damage as a separate number (as if hit with a second projectile) equal to about 40% and when in shock mode it just did about 40% more damage and these numbers did go up with I took anima and tempest skills. it is also important to note YOU NEED A ACTION SKILL WITH A ELEMENT EQUIPPED to proc the extra damage, if you just recpec and test this with no action skill equipped you will not deal the extra damage.
so yes it does stack, please test before you say something

I think we talk past each other. Here are some screenshots I took when I tested Infusion so you can see what we mean:

I used a corrosive weapon on an armoured target to represent the ideal case. First the damage without Infusion. The 408 is a DOT tick that can be ignored.

And now with 5/5 Infusion and attuned to Shock. Everything else stayed the same.

In comparison, 40% or 444 less corrosive damage was dealt (removed) while the shock conversion from Infusion added just 165 shock damage. That’s a noticeable loss in my book.

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Yeah but thats just using Infusion wrong, infusion is meant to be used to make unfavourable elemental matchups better, so for example if you have a fire gun and shoot a shielded target. Also Infusion is a really good buff for nonelemental weapons.

I don’t think you can use Infusion wrong. But you can use elements wrong by not matching them dependent on the defences you’re facing. The initial question in this topic was how those skills interact with each other. And that’s what we answered. Than there was the claim that Infusion adds bonus damage to elemental guns and makes them stronger which is definitely not true unless you already run sub-optimal elements to begin with.

I never said that Infusion is bad per se. I often put in one or two points in it in order to remove weak shields or get a bit more fire damage on my radiation guns for fleshy targets. But it’s not optimal. Weak shields are no issue for most guns not matter their element. While mobbing elements don’t matter for the most part, especially not in Normal Mode. But when facing bosses and multiple badasses in TVHM (and ultimately M3) you want to 100% match elements or you’ll run out of ammo halfway through a map / boss battle / slaughter arenas.

If you find it fun to use Infusion, go for it, all the power to you. I get why people want to stick to a certain gun, either because they love it so much or if they don’t have the time to farm other elements or it’s only available in one element. I also use suboptimal stuff because I find it fun. But we’re talking about efficiency/mechanics and not personal preferences here, right?

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