Question about splash anointment on cutsmans

Does this anointment work on cutsmans? It doesn’t seem to be working when the barrel clearly adds splash damage radius. I know it’s a pretty unique gun that’s why I wanted to ask the community. Thanks guys :slight_smile:

Splash applies to the edges of the beam; although it will also raise damage of micro grenades through mindsweeper


It’s gotta be some sort of weird amalgamation of splash and standard as the beams will travel through some things, but I’m not sure I see much benefit in that anointment on it. I’ll stash it in my bank til I know more.

If you take it to the target dummy at nearly point blank range youll see the edges have a different damage amount as only 1 tick; id like 1 like that for a mindsweeper build though; as the x2 mag anointments dont carry to the nades

as stated below, I feel only the ends of the beam are the areas that hit and splash. the laser between is more of, just that, a laser that doesnt add splash. So if you are hitting your target with the balls at the ends of the line, it should proc.

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Thanks guys that makes sense.

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