Question about splash weapons

Besides torgue weapons what are some guns that can deal splash and get a 160 splash annointment. can the skeskil get 160? can the cutsman get splash annoints? im trying to find a list of all weapons that deal splash but i cant find one anywhere.

The easiest test is to shoot your feet with the gun to see if it damages you, though there are some exceptions to that rule. The balls at the ends of the Cutsman’s projectile are splash, but the beam is not. The Brainstormer’s shotgun pellets are not splash, but it’s chains are. Similarly, the ricochets of the Rowan’s Call, Kings/Queens Call, and Wedding Invite are splash, but the initial shot is not.

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That isn’t true.

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Yeah I believe it’s technically like the hex beams? iirc.

It’s just a normal bullet, behaves and gets all the same damage the original bullet does. The lightning effect seems purely visual.

Most Maliwan guns are splash.

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Aw are cutsman balls really splash? I just dumped a 160% splash cutsman. Well, I never saw a difference in damage with the anoint so not sure how much I was actually missing out on.

You’re really not missing out, the balls actually cease being Splash once the beam is created. It’s a technicality that the gun is splash, in practical use it’s not.


New list of splash weapons further down the thread

The broodmother is a no.

You also forgot the ION cannon under Vladof.

Should probably make a special note about tediore reloads.

Also the Torgue category should just say: Yes.

Ok thanks, I forget what it’s even like.

I skipped all launchers for now because they all are and… Typing.

Going to make notes on tediore. The ones I have listed always spawn with an explosive reload. The rest I’m going to note can spawn with parts to make the reload explode.

And torgue, surprisingly, aren’t all splash. Moonfire isn’t, and I think there’s that one other special legendary that doesn’t. I forget the name but it doesn’t do any damage or something.

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I did wonder about the moonfire. that has an auto amp feature, doesn’t it?

Also and I’m being pedantic, but the vladof alien barrel launcher is not splash. It’s like an ION cannon but with no splash, and no charge time. A hitscan railgun, basically. Bagronk? Cool gun, underpowered though.

I forget. I remember testing it for splash and not seeing any. So as far as I can tell there’s none. It’s awful though.

Uggh I forgot about that pile. I think it does bonus crit damage instead.

Guess I better list all the launchers. Does that one unique cov one from agonizer do splash? The saw blade one.

I think so? I haven’t used it much, picked it up and threw it away not long after.

Moonfire does good work on Zane, gets big numbers and reload speed buffs offset the small mag. It’s no craps though. I’ll be willing to be it has some sort of splash damage mechanic hidden somewhere though.

I’m not 100% sure, I believe it does amps or ricochets? Something like that. It might do splash or something on those special shots. Either that or its just a weird torgue gun.

I haven’t seen much testing on it, and against the dummy I didn’t get splash. I threw it out though, so if you get a hold of one let me know.

I’ll test it and see.
Edit: Moonfire is definitely NOT splash, but it appears Shortfuse is multiplied by amp Damage.

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Cadejo and Hivemind are not splash, unfortunately.

I don’t think all Torgue Weapons are splash. The moonfire isn’t iirc

Do you currently have both of those guns?

No E-tech smg or sniper is splash. The vladof one always has that GL tho.

Atomizer isnt splash.

Non of the etech ARs are splash besides the vladof under barrel

Neither wave is splash

Vibrapulse is not

AAA is splash, so is the 9 volt (dahl smg)
Blaster is splash
Tball fist is

I might have a Hivemind still, but I tossed the Cadejo shortly after trying it.