Question about splitscreen

I’m here asking on behalf of a friend. He and I both have multiple characters and like to find things for each toon we make. Hes mentioned to me that he can’t seem to get a second character to jump in game that he uses on a secondary account for split screen so he can use one to hold items for another. Is this how it normally is cause I was able to do this on ps3 for myself or is this unintentional? Not trying to cheat or anything just using extra characters as pack mules that’s what both of us have been wondering.

Is he on PS3 or PS4? It works on XB1 although the process is a little clunky.

Ps4 hes playing the remastered.

It should in theory work, but it may require a second account to be set up on the PS4 to do that - I have a vague recollection that you can’t simply use a guest account/anonymous second controller any more?

Correct. If you want to play in Splitscreen on the PS4, you need 2 unique user accounts on your Console.

Well that’s a shame. I had even a subsidiary account under mine on the same console I was going to set up for some of my family when they came over to play some along with me when they came over.