Question about Sustenanace

I’m going to play co-op with 2 friend and I basically already laid out how I’m going to build it up except for one thing: I don’t know how exactly sustenance works.

For clarity’s sake let’s say I have 100 health on my character and I have a mod that gives 10/5 Sustenance. I’m regaining 4 health per second.
But what happens if I have say +10 % health from BAR? I guess I still get 4 health per second even though my max health is at 110?
And the part that especially interests me: what about if I lower my health with a turtle shield. Let’s say my shield has -80 health, do I get 4 health or 0,8 health per second?

Having written all that I just realized I could’ve just phrased it “does changing my health with BAR or gear affect the value”. So, does it?

It isn’t constant. It’s up to 4% or whatever your level is at but it is relative to your current total health.

Alright, thanks. Just for clarification, though: [quote=“BookEmDano, post:2, topic:1545873”]
it is relative to your current total health

So, if I’ve taken damage I’m going to get less health back than I would if I was at near max health?

You should get more back - the healing is more intense the lower your health is. When your health is a few points shy of full, you’ll see it crawling very slowly up.

Oh wow, for several hours now I’ve missed the word “missing” in the skill description. Everythings clear now. Had I not skipped over that word several times I wouldn’t even have made this topic with it’s stupid questions.

Since I’m going to run Leg Nurse and I guess with this info I’ll be taking 10/5 in Sustenance this is starting to feel like a health gating build on top of speccing into keeping everyone alive and in good health. Should be fun though, I’ve never tried either.