Question about synergy between Voxis Core and Bola's Target Finder

I posted this question in the Orendi sub-thread but I realized that this is a general question for any Battleborn.

Does anyone know if the special effect of Voxis Core (“Enemies near the target of skills take 15% of the damage dealt to the target”) would proc the special effect of Bola’s Target Finder (“Damaging enemies with skills increases damage dealt to them by 5.6% for 10 seconds”). What I mean is if I’m using both legendaries, do enemies “near the target of skills” that take the 15% damage from the Voxis Core now take 5.6% more damage for the next 10 seconds? If so, these seem to have very strong synergy (perhaps with a 0 cost shard generator).

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that’s…vicious if it does, that’d be amazing!

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For maximum advantage, take the pacifier

or leechsteel brooch if someone is trying for sustain

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Agreed. That’s why I’m trying to figure out whether this is how these two items synergize.

easiest way to test i’d imagine is open a private match with a few friends, teammate on your side hits the enemy with one hit for a control(normal) value, you hit a minion nearby so voxis core procs and hits the guy and then they fire again to see if the value changed

Where does one obtain a voxis core? I just kind of forgot about it while it was disabled.

loot packs sadly, I’ve been opening them for quite a while trying to get one…

Just to be clear, what I want to know is whether enemies that were not hit directly by the ability but only hit by the 15% skill damage that results from Voxis Core are then given the Bola’s Target Finder 5.6% damage buff. And how did you go about testing whether this is the case?

Thank you very much for your help.

enemies damaged by the voxis core perk do not take the additional 5.6 buff from bola since the damage is from a perk and not a skill. I have tested damage to minions with just voxis and combined with bola and the damage after a skill is still the same to those hit with the peripheral damage.


I pretty sure it does, but usually they get hit by either preamble or the skill its self.

You see the most boost from Bola’s because preamble triggers the 5% then they eat pillar damage and Paradigm shift to. Once you get Pillar storm its hilarious. This is where you see the biggest effect from both these items. As I’m pretty sure voxis triggers bola’s but bola’s doesn’t count for voxis’ damage.

Not sure about that, but the combo I use I feel may even be a little better and much more shard efficient:

  1. 0 cost shard generator with -reload
    (don’t know exact numbers for 2. right now, but point will be made)
  2. 1000 cost sigil +7% skill damage and +200 health with -reload
  3. 1800 legendary Voxis Core

That really amps up the damage, adds health, and 800 shards gets you your gear earlier or levels you quicker with the added building.

Personally, I’d rather take the consistent 7% damage and health over the Bola.

Once fully activated your pillar damage +15% helix to all skills +15% pillar damage helix +7% from the sigil +4% from Voxis (yes, it’s not 41%, I know) will start putting out serious damage from pillars and enemies near that will get hit now for decent amounts on the initial blast with the 15% damage given by the Voxis.
The extra 10 seconds from the Bola is nice for teammates but that’s situational. I’d rather hit things REALLY hard.

Thanks for all the great feedback.

Even though it seems that Voxis damage does not proc Bola’s extra 5.6% damage, it seems that a 0 cost shard gen, Bola’s, & Voxis may still be the ideal build for high skill damage characters (like Orendi). Other good options if people don’t have Bola’s seems to be Codex Fragment (+9.1% skill damage, +210 max health, and +.91% skill damage when taking damage up to 9.1%) and Lorrian Skill Spike (+9.1% skill damage, +4.2% movement speed, skills gain a 7% chance to deal 50% bonus damage). Any thoughts on these alternatives? I have a max roll Codex Fragment and a near-max roll of Voxis but no Lorrian Skill Spike or Bola’s.

Voxis Core is broken, at the moment it doesn’t work at all.

The easiest for testing it is Reyna as she is the one of the only character that have a skill that only it one target, with Kelvin chomp and some other. But as she is ranged, it’s easier to see the number.

So use your Priority Target on a minion to see how much damage the others takes before and after the Priority Target.

But, looks like there is a bug because the Voxis Core doesn’t deals any damage to the others minions. Didn’t tested it on players.

Since the damage can be anything the core should proc the bonus.