Question about Tenacious Defence

So i put together the build you can watch in the video, and i have a question about how tenacious defence works with the deathless relic, from what i know i should get the damage bonus (for 30 secs) no matter if i enter FFYL mode but i dont know if the video proof otherwise.
At minute 1:37 i go into FFYL mode and for 1 second the Tenacious defense icon pops up under the exp bar but then when i get the second wind there’s a blank space there and the icon is gone.

My question is did i get the 30 % damage boost from SoR capstone or it doesnt work with the deathless relic?

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a lot of skill and COM bonuses get cleared when you go into FFYL. i don’t know about TD specifically but that would be my guess.

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Yeah that was my guess too unfortunately, the PoD and DiB icons still remain after I got the second wind but no tenacious defense.

Thanks for replying.

So I tested it, 0 skills that add gun damage just enough points to get Tenacious Defense nor gear other than Unforgiven and Scoville to kill myself.

Test subject: Handsome Jack Dummy
Gun: Unforgiven (1053 DPS)

Base damage:1216 (1053 + % from GR)
Damage FFYL: 1704
Difference: 681 (39,96%)

The Guardian Rank perk ( Inner Fury) Adds 10% gun damage while in FFYL and Tenacious Defense adds another 30%.
Yeah it works.

Edit: oh and deathless + stop gap shield to proc TD.
Edit 2: Seems like while in FFYL the gun damage% from GR doesnt counts, weird.
The formula would be DAMAGE FFYL (1704)-Unforgiven (1053)=681 (39,96%)

Inner Furry is counting.

Math wise

Damage = Gun card Damage x Guardian Rank GD x C-C-Combo
Damage = 1053 x 1.1325 x 1.02 = 1216.3

If we then assume that Inner Furry and Tenacious Defence are additive

Damage = Gun card Damage x Guardian Rank GD x C-C-Combo x (1 + Tenacious Defence + Inner Fury)
Damage = 1053 x 1.1325 x 1.02 x 1.4 = 1702.9

That’s close enough considering the Unforgiven’s card damage is rounded and I don’t know your exact GR here.


Haha yes additive.
And 13,22%

Sorry idk how to quote.

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