Question about the Brainstormer Damage/Which version is better

Is the damage from the chain lighting based on gun damage or its elemental damage? I came across a anointed Cash Infused Brainstormer that deals 267X7 damage per shot while dealing 421 electric damage a second and anointed effects granting a Accuracy and Handling bonus Vs. my previous Redundant Brainstormer that does 169X14 damage per shot with 266 damage a second and no anointed status. The former has a item score of 581 while the latter is 566. Its hard to tell which is performing better so what would you all say is the better choice as a FOTE Amara where the damage mostly comes from the Chain Lightning itself rather than raw gun damage.

What exactly does cash infused mean anyway? I have a cash infused gun but im not sure what that is O.o