Question about the circle of duty

Does anyone know the best round to farm badass defenders?

It’s been awhile since I’ve done any, but I think the second to last one, Sergeant, has a bunch.

Do you play on PC? If so, you could set your save file to read only, go through all the missions once and count how many BA Defenders show up.

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I dont unfortanately, i play on xbox one. I havent turned my pc on in quite a while, I would prolly have to upgrade it to play games on it again.

So would that be round 4?

Yeah, round 4. If you want, I’ll be getting home from work in a couple hours. I could check which rounds spawn the most Defenders for you. Apart from the time, I risk nothing by checking it out myself, if I mess anything up I can revert the file.

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I appreciate that kind offer but i dont want you to play the whole circle of duty just to check for me… unless you just love the circle lol. It would be intersting to know tho.

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oh it’s happening now

Circle of Duty is fun anyways.


My man

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Ok, starting up the attempts now. I’ll keep a post open and update it as I go through CoD.

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I lied when I said I was doing it earlier cause I’m a dumbo brain and didn’t set my file correctly for the missions. Got it sorted out, sorry for the wait.

  • Round 1, Cadet, has a bunch of elemental Lance, and finishes off with two BA Defenders.

  • Round 2, Private, seemed the same as round 1. Elementals with two BA Defenders at the end.

  • Round 3, Corporal, starts with elementals. Then rocketeers, with two BA Rocketeers. Finishes with two BA Defenders and I think 4 Royal Guards. Also they send in a Lancer, don’t get run over.

  • I totally lied about round 4, Sergeant. There’s no BA Defenders, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t a ton of BA enemies. Holy ■■■■. Starts off with elementals and Rocketeers, then adds in standard Defenders. It gets to be a bit of a blur after that, but more elementals and BA elementals. Two pods drop off some BA Engineers alongside more Royal Guards. And the Lancer.

  • Round 5 is the same as round4, but just more. There are a few things added in, but mostly the same. I died once to the new swarm of BA Corrosive Lance, so look out for those. No BA Defenders. Actually wait, there were two near the end.

So, i guess that means Cadet and Private are the best for BA Defenders. Rounds 1-3 will give you two each at the end. 3 makes it a bit harder with the Royal Guards.


Wow man thank you for such a great response! It always felt like there were more defenders in those final rounds, i guess it just seems that way due to all of the other stuff actually goin on in those rounds. But regardless, i appreciate it greatly.

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You trying to get one of the Pearl pistols or shields from one of them?

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Yeah, i figured id try my luck on a better aries. Ive only ever gotten two to drop out of a lot of time played.

Phew, well good luck if you choose to try to get it this way. I can’t say I like the thought of six chances after a long drive and a substantial fight for them. Well good luck, however you choose to do it, those Hyperion/Atlas pearls are rare little monsters.


Ehh god, when you put it that way lol. Ive just killed craw so many times…

I know buddy, we all have.
pats back

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Haha love your personality btw. May give it a few runs anyhow.

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I have good news, and bad news… if you play rd 1 long enough to where the two badass defenders spawn then kill them and then die, all you have to do is run to the middle to restart the rd those two badasses will instantly respawn and you can kill them again, i would then phasewalk off the edge and repeat this cycle. Did it well over 100 times, still no pearl.

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