Question about the Handsome Jack DLC

Spoilers be spoiler. Click if you dare!

So in the part where Timothy has to dress like Jack in order to bypass the security…I was watching it again and it was never really explained. What happened to Timothy’s mechanical hand? I look him over and he has a set of human looking hands. Is it something along the line of when Rhys disguised himself as Vasquez in Tales - digistructed a disguise?

Also, I find that considering Handsome Jack was a programmer - how on earth is his scanner to all his security and the entire casino so basic? I get in 2 we had something similar but Angel helped us out with that. Though that’s not really as bothering as the fact Timothy no longer has a mechanical hand when being scanned.

Anyone else notice any unusual details?

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I didn’t notice this myself, but it could be that gearbox used the model for handsome Jack from the opening cutscene for this scene with Timothy.
Otherwise they’d have to create a new model for Timothy-as-Jack, it would make sense to simply use the Jack model they already made.

True but surely they just have to change the hand? Everything else could be done to the style of Jack and they’re normally so attentive to detail. That’s one of the things I highly praise about this game is the graphics.

Also another thing I want to point out is Moxxi in the DLC. She doesn’t care about Timothy at all and our reason for going to the tower wasn’t to save him. And when the casino is about to destroy itself, only then does she care about the Timothy. She needs him in order to get her casino. It’s why I’m confused when people say that Moxxi and Timothy would be a good couple. When really she just needed him to get her big prize.

Also I don’t understand why Jack has portraits of Moxxi. I get it - Moxxi is a beautiful woman but after what she did in the pre sequel, hating her would be justified. The whole ‘trying to get back with her’ thing kinda irked me. Also seemed weird to have angel portraits when he was very secretive of her. He had a little one in his Helios office but that was his space.

It does seem a bit confusing at first - maybe she just figured as an ex-vault hunter he should be able to take care of himself until the VH is free to get to him?

On the other hand if you watch the cut-scene at the very end between Moxxi and Timothy just before she hits the button that cancels all debts - and I seriously doubt Jack would have included that in the design! - it’s clear that she wasn’t completely cold to him. After that exchange, we see Timothy… rushing back into the casino? Little difficult to tell, and I’ve only seen the scene once so far.

i dont recall him having a mechanical hand? either i missed it or it was so well covered, i forgot. but he was surgically modified to look/sound like Jack. down to the DNA, so anyone not fitting Jack in security would most likely be killed fast.

I don’t either. Looks like a little bit of retconning with some inspiration taken from Rhys’ hand in TftB.

Not sure if I need to still use spoiler tag but if I do I can edit.

The entire premise is that he has a ‘winning hand’ and that is what Pretty Boy wants. All models hadn’t and it was what allowed Timothy to teleport around the casino.

But when he’s pretending to be Jack, his hand is suddenly a normal looking hand.

Moxxi only really cared about Timothy because they needed his winning hand - the metal hand grafted to him - to stop the casino from self destructing. He ends up cutting said winning hand off and saving the casino. Which makes Moxxi happy because now she has it for herself.

I really doubt she figured it to be a secret lab for building a robot army as she just wanted it because Jack apparently stole the design for it.

Another thing I’m curious about is that Timothy touches on there being places that celebrate Handsome Jack. That they have holidays dedicated to him and that they hail him as a hero.

In the jackpot vault there is a painting of a place I don’t recognise. I thought it was opportunity at first but it had a different Jack statue. It’d be awesome to visit places where Jack isn’t hated.

The Hyperion home world, I guess. Is that named on any of the plaques in the Hall of Heroes? (TPS Helios)


I’ll definitely have to look because the portrait I saw wasn’t one I recognised!