Question about the Legendary Maliwan

Hi guys, quick question here.
So if I redeem all the 8 VIP rewards including Daisy Marshall, Relentless Puma and Premium Poison Fastblast+, those 3 weapons and the Legendary Maliwan are gonna be lvl 1 , correct?

Just wondering because its cool to have a Legendary to start the game but I think its better to just wait and claim the rewards until you are at least lvl 15? cuz a lvl 1 weapon is not gonna last too much : /

What do you guys think?

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The three borderlands 3 VIP rewards will be level 10. As far as I know, there has been no confirmation on the level of the legendary. Common speculation is it will also be level 10.

There are threads on that already. And no one knows yet.

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Iā€™m guessing the legendary will be at whatever level you claim it at, like in TPS. Like the others have said, the purple weapons will be at lvl 10.

Also, there are like 10 threads on the maliwan weapon already.