Question about the lyuda sniper

It says on the wiki page that the extra shots fired from the lyuda converge after a certin amoun of time, however, i have found that they do not converge.
i am playing as the assasin but have not specked into volocity. i also play on the handsome collection.
if anyone could answer this it would be much appreciated, thanks

Well as long as your firing rapidly and not in single shots they should slowly cave in towards each other. Have you only been using it close range? Perhaps the distance isn’t quite far enough to notice the difference

This is the first I’ve heard that the pellets diverge / converge / diverge - which is what assume the wiki is implying. It always seemed to me that they diverge at fixed angles.

I just tried it against a wall moving slowly towards.

Seems it diverges at fixed angles. I am missing something?

i shot it into the air and very far away from the intendid target and nothing changed

hmm I just tested it myself on my zero and I see what you mean, what build are you using? I think it might have something to do with the sniper tree

i was using the hunter class mod, not really using any specific build

Ahh I see… once again I tested with no skills and same thing, all projectiles are matched, honestly I think they might have just patched the red text converge thing out and had a set bullet pattern for the weapon… if that is even possible, perhaps I’m being a little too narrow minded, it’s been a while since I’ve given advice on this kind of thing. But this is the best conclusion I can come up with, sorry I couldn’t help more

yea, probably did patch it, thanks for your help