Question about the NDA

I’m part of a decently big gaming community, and we have our own forums. Our Admins on our forums would like a link to the NDA, so they know what type of threads that will eventually pop up on our forums to delete. I say eventually, because you know… some people don’t seem to understand what NDA stands for.

Is there a public link for the NDA?

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NDA Non-Disclosure Agreement basically says no streams, no pics. Honestly check out the FAQ, its really a standard NDA.

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No public talking, streaming, recording, taking pictures. Basically everything you do in the test should be secret to public.

I’m fairly certain they said something about “only use the CTT forums to discuss BattleBorn.” But it’s always nice to have a copy of the NDA. But what exactly does that mean? What can those of us with CTT access tell those who didn’t get it, to get them hyped up for the game?

Your best course of action might be to have your mods refer them to our private CTT forum and close any CTT related threads. It might be overkill, but it can’t hurt. Also, for practicality’s sake because we won’t see that feedback, ergo it’s wasted. :frowning:

Let me know if you have any more questions!