Question about the Op Level

Hey, can i get into the Op Lever without the new Dlc ? I dont get the info and the quest says always incorrect :frowning:

HI and welcome! Before the Commander Lilith DLC, once you get to lvl 72 you could run Digi Peak in order to get to OP1, and then again to get to OP2, etc. with a maximum of OP8. I presume that still is the case if you don’t download the Commander Lilith DLC.

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Hey thxx for answer. We finished the Digi Peak quest 1 time, but when we submit the quest and reload the game the game dont show use the option to go Op level

The question is, were you max level (72 or 80) when you did the quest? You only get OP levels when you do Digi Peak at max level.

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My Friends and me are lvl 72 when we do Digi Peak

If you have the new DLC you won’t unlock OP levels until you’re level 80. If you had already unlocked them pre DLC then you will be able to select your OP levels again when you reach level 80, but now your OP8 (for example) will be level 80 and you will need to regear.

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i don’t have the “free” dlc

Did you gain xp after 72? The additional levels could be been part of the patch.

i get no xp after 72

And you did a save/quit after completion? That’s a weird bug. Maybe file a support ticket?

Just to confirm, you are not getting this screen when you reload the game?

no i dont get this window

yes i saved and quit after complete

Maybe file a support ticket here:

Someone there will have a better idea of how to troubleshoot this for you.

ok thx

You need to be level 80, make sure you have latest version of the game.

If you’re on PS3 can you get to level 80? OP said he isn’t gaining xp after 72 and doesn’t have the DLC, I would think if that was the case that they’re on PS3, and I don’t think (not certain, but I didn’t see any updates for PS3 when I loaded BL2 this morning for a little cross savey goodness) that the update that coincided with the new DLC is on that, or any of the other last gen platforms.

I think on PS3 and X360 max lvl is 72.

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