Question about the "Phaseleech"

Throughout the game we see many husks lying around which are supposedly what’s left from Tyreen’s leeching powers and everlasting hunger.

After beating Promethea’s Vault Monster, we also learn that aparently her brother has the same ability to leech, however, when he uses it on Maya, she turns into dust and disappears.

Does this mean that “Phaseleech” works differently between Tyreen and Troy, or is it an inconsistence in the story that Maya didn’t also turn into a husk?

which possibly maybe could’ve been brought back to life someday I mean who knows right

Well we know Troy can not leech like Tyreen. Troy can leech sirens and that’s about it. Tyreen only consumed Lilith’s powers, not her body. Maybe it’s different when absorbing sirens as opposed to normal things.

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Troy’s basically a defect. His powers don’t work correctly for him in general, and seems to be more out of control than his sister’s.

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That’s an interesting detail as well, Lilith and Maya, both Sirens, did not share the same fate when Leeched, which could either be explained by the fact that Troy is defective or just “plot reasons”, which is most likely the answer.

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Tyreen purposely left Lilith alive to play with. She took her powers and then wanted to humiliate her and let her weak followers kill her. Troy was about to die and panicking and just pulled everything out of Maya because he had no idea what he was doing. As for the husks. Tyreen, an egomaniac, likes her trophies. She could dust them, but why do that when she can remind you she’s the god queen?


Great answer. Troy has to physically stop Tyreen from killing Lilith and it took effort for her to stop. Troy was fighting for his life and, as you say, probably panicking a bit. Or at least going all out and not holding back. Very different scenarios


Did an early playthrough yesterday and paid closer attention to this subject. Tyreen leeches a Psycho to dust in one of her videos. In the Lilith fight, Troy seemed to stop her because he was hurting bad from Lilith’s attack and needed a recharge from Tyreen. She seemed to reluctantly pull off of Lilith to boost Troy.


That makes sense. I just hoped there was a slight chance they could bring back Maya from the ashes. Guess I’ll wait for DLC 4, who knows


This still does not explain the husks all over the place. I don’t recall seeing that transformation take place anywhere in the game. Those being leeched look normal and slightly shriveled immediately before turning to dust. Perhaps Tyreen had a method of prolonging the process to showcase her morbid artistic talents and create warnings to her followers.

As for Maya, I like many still hold hope even though it may not be doable or happen.

Perhaps turning Maya into dust keeps the game from having to move Maya’s body back to Sanctuary or Athenas, having a funeral, etc. Turning to dust gives a clean ending.

I’d suggest it was both for dramatic effect and in order to leave no doubt that she indeed died, but I think that latter aim hasn’t succeeded

There is a point in the beginning of the game where Tyreen explains the husks to you, saying “It’s a thing I do.” and then shows you a video of her doing it. I believe when you go to fight Mouthpiece.