Question about the recent pvp update

Out of curiosity. Did something happen to the spotlight matchmaking and competitive matchmaking? I did the update. Played a few games. Was gone for the weekend, came back and it’s no longer there. Anyone else having that issue, if that’s and even an issue. My boyfriend is having the same issue on his xbox. any help would be appreciated. Thank you!

They changed it back to the old MM-model a few days ago. It seems the new MM-model was not very popular.

Yeah, matchmaking reverted (save a few BTS tweaks) to the old system. Lost Spotlight matches, Casual/Comp queues. Now it’s pick-n-wait again.

The matchmaking as currently implemented is similar to the competitive queue, except you choose the mode you want to play and the matching requirements were eased up a bit.

The matchmaking revert seems to have killed PC numbers though.