Question about the season pass

So my birthday is coming up and my friend bought me $50 (don’t ask why I opened it, long story) and so I decided to buy thr season pass for ernest (yeah i was the guy who asked if he should get either pendles or alani, i chose pendles btw) if i buy the season pass will i get alani and if i refund pendles could i get him as well if i buy the season pass now, i haven’t ever bought a season pass so someone answer me pls :slight_smile:

The season pass will give you keys for all of the DLC characters released this season. That includes Alani, Pendles, Ernest and the next two in this group that have yet to be released. It will probably not include any characters made after this 5. The only reason to refund Pendles would be to get the credits back that you spent on him so you could get something else with them.

so i’ll still get pendles if i refund him right

Correct. If for some reason you can’t unlock him with your season pass key I would contact support.

wow thank you whoop

You opened it cuz it was your birthday gift?

my birthday is in 2 days but i’m not really going to get into detail why i opened

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if you refund pendles you can use a hero key on him and get your money back btw good choice going with pendles he is the best assassin ever i love playing him