Question about the Shieldboost

Hey guys and girls.

According to the description of Reyna the shieldboost only applies an overshield if it isn’t skilled in helix (+heal). I skilled her in story just for +dmg (without the healbonus). The whole time i just overshielded the hell out of her, but the game seems to count overshield als received heal. Is this real?

Thanks for reading :slight_smile:

I’m afraid I’d need more info. Are you asking if overshield counts as healing? I guess? Why do you ask?

Yes…that’s what i predict. Overshield seems to count as applied healing. It’s a bit confusing.

From what I can decipher he is asking about helix 4, the choice between heal on overshield activation or 16 damage boost to priority target. He is saying he is still getting the bonus heal even though the chose the damage boost.

I think…

Still not 100%

That’s exactly what I tried to tell. And if i skill helix 4 to damageboost, Reyna shouldn’t be allowed to heal. But the game says I do a lot of heals. That’s what confuses me.

Not actually healing health, but an overshield is considered extra health, so the score card probably just calls it all healing.