Question about the Super Deluxe Edition

Does anyone know if the Super Deluxe Edition copy will come in a small box like the one in Red Dead Redemption 2 Special Edition? Because if it does, I will cancel my pre-order in Amazon and pre-order it somewhere else. Amazon is terrible in packaging those things and ends up getting the box crushed.

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I just looked on a couple of the official stores, and neither mentioned anything about a special case.

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According to what I found on Gamestop the physical copy for the Borderlands 3 Super Deluxe Edition will come in a Steelbook case for the Xbox and Playstation. Gamestop didn’t even list a PC version, and I haven’t been able to find out anything about a physical copy of the Super Deluxe Edition for the PC; I doubt there is one.


Yeah, I could have sworn I heard that you get the game in a steelbook case for the Super Deluxe Edition. Does that count as a special case?

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Hey all, nice to see some familiar handles still lying about. :acmferro:

I am also a little confused about the Super Deluxe Edition. (PS4)

Everything must be digital or when you bought a digital version of the Deluxe so you could play the first night they would have to send something to you separately… right?

Truthfully I just want to know about the grenade mod… probably showers down rainbows and hearts. HaHa

For those who went through this before (handsome collection player here) what benefits to playing the game does the deluxe pre-order version actually give you that will make you glad you pre-ordered it? Anyone out there still alive that did that with BLD 2… :wink:

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I don’t remember if it was just a pre-order bonus or what, but the Contraband Grenade mod is fun to use (once you learn how). Plus, since it’s not level-locked, you’ll always have at least one fire grenade available.

The skins are nice but not, for me, necessary. Trying to remember what else came with the BL2 special editions and failing…


Hey! Thanks for the reply… They should give your handle a cameo in Bl3 you and a few others have been here for the fans and in my opinion you deserve it… I got that grenade mod with the Handsome Collection… when I start a new character it also gives me 3 better start guns and that grenade from an original special purchase loot prior to the Handsome C. I think. Maybe something like that but they did not say anything about weapons for BL3… hum :acmhmm: :boom:

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I think there’s a grenade mod, plus the XP and loot booster relics. Everything else looks like cosmetic items?



I believe this was called the Premiere Club and was the pre-order or GOTY version bonus it included a relic and weapons. I also got a grenade mod but not sure how that came about.

Edit: Clarification I am discussing the Super Deluxe version not the Deluxe… all Deluxe will be in the Super Deluxe

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In borderlands 2 the Premiere club content was, a golden key, a vault hunter relic, gunpack of 3 golden weapons and gaige as a playable character.

Contraband was the bomb, on Midgemon farming runs.

Even in bad runs where he pops out before you get up the ladder, and jumps down the stairs, just chuck that puppy 1-3 times from the opening behind the stairs, and just wait 3 seconds, then loot.

Easy-Peasy Kerblasters.

Yeah PC physical editions have gone pretty much obsolete.