Question about the Symbiotic Gauntlet Legendary

So does the Symbiotic Gauntlet Legendary gain more attack damage the less health you have…or when you have more health? Has anyone tested this gear before?

Curious as well how it works.

“The higher your health the more of the tertiary effect you’d get up to 9.1% at max roll”

If you have max health, you gain an additional amount of damage percentage equal to the stat shown ( max stat is 9.10%).
I don’t know for sure if the percentage is directly proportional so that at 50% health you would gain 50% of that stat (4.55%), but would guess so.

At max roll you get a +19.0281% increase to primary and alt fire damage when at max Health
+9.2% at 1% health

Higher % of max health=more atk damage.

Hands down best legendary IMO.
+210max health
+~20% attack damage yes please (I’m nearly always on max health because I run health regen gear).

Gear 1: Symbiotic Gauntlet
+atk damage
+atk damage at max health

Gear 2: Epic health regen (jennerit)
+health regen
+atk damage

Gear 3: Whatever cheap gear. (I like shield regen gear to keep health up/protected)