Question about the timing of dlc

I’m sure this has been asked before so I apologize. I just completed play through 1 and am curious about the best way to approach the dlc to maximize the experience. I’ve got all of the dlc and have a level 36 Mordecai. Should I jump right in to the dlc? Or should I wait and do a second play through

Hey man, good looks on picking Mordy. Most people would recommend saving the DLCs for once you hit level 50, otherwise it can over level you for story missions.

An old buddy of mine put up this thread on the ideal play through.

If you like being a bit over leveled for a bit easier go, this may not be the best option for you. If you do, then go back and do some DLC in PT1, or dive into DLC PT2 now. I do not remember exactly how the DLC scales as you level up in PT2. I believe there are story quests that trigger the DLC to jump up to a higher level (up until you kill the destroyer in PT2)

Apologies if my facts are wrong


The ideal playthrough @Lips posted is a pretty solid way to do it; I played through using that method once and it was a nice experience. Since then, I’ve modified it a little to satisfy the completionist in me:

  1. Follow the ideal playthrough in PT1 main story.
  2. Complete Prove Yourself in PT1 for the skill point.
  3. Play Dr. Ned in PT1 up to rescuing the Claptrap for the backpack SDU (avoid all side missions except the Claptrap Rescue).
  4. Complete Robolution in PT1 for the backpack SDU and skill point (again, avoid all side missions except the Claptrap Rescue).
  5. If you’re a glutton for punishment or really want 72 slots at the end, play Knoxx in PT1 up to the Claptrap Rescue (again, avoiding all other side missions) and farm it until you get your Backpack SDU.
  6. Fire up PT2. Jump right into Ned and complete up to the Claptrap Rescue.
  7. Do the same for Robolution (stop at the Claptrap, instead of completing the the whole thing).
    **The reason for doing these two is that once you find Steele in the main game, these Claptraps won’t reward you with an SDU. Ever.
  8. This will put you at a point where you can pretty much skip every side mission in the main game. So run through the PT2 main game, avoiding side missions almost entirely.
  9. Complete Knoxx PT2.
  10. Complete Prove Yourself PT2 for the skill point.
  11. Finish Robolution for the skill point.
  12. At this point, do whatever the hell you want.

That’s how I did my last few characters. You’re a bit overleveled right at the beginning of PT2, but skipping the side missions lets the game catch up with you pretty quickly.

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Thank you both for the detailed responses. My only concern with doing the dlc now in pt1 is overleveling. From what I’ve read I can go back later and get the skill points and sdus, right?

When I do pt2, at what point does everything scale to me? I know I need to complete the main storyline but after that does everything level with me?

Yeah, you can revisit playthroughs whenever to clean up.

Scaling of PT2(into "PT2.5) begins when you enter the vault. Don’t have to defeat the destroyer, just enter. Some do this so they can fight a fully leveled Destoyer later.
Not entirely sure, but pretty sure this will scale DLCs 1 and 4 to you.

How does dlc3 work? I know it begins around 50, right? Does it level with you then once you start it? I would imagine that’s the case since I’ve seen people in the armory getting high level gear.

Here[woah, check that]. Was about to throw the ideal PT thread at you, but Lips already got it done!

It’s mentioned in there somewhere, but scaling for DLC3 starts when you see end credits roll for the DLC(completion of the main storyline). Some people don’t turn that mission in until leveled to get a high level Athena’s Wisdom.

There are some missions you can get later that allow you to run through the Farmory legitimately.

I was just wondering about this, as I’m getting close to the end of main story PT.2 right now (just hit level 49 after completing Rakk Hive, now have to do Old Haven.)

Since the URL has changed slightly, I’m just going to leave the updated link originally provided by @Lips to the play-through suggestion here: